Adirondack High Peaks

Took a trip way up north this past weekend to a wee little A-frame house in the mountains near Jay, NY. My boss, Jeanne, offered it to us for the weekend, and I couldn’t say no. It’s about 5 hours drive north of NYC, dangerously close to the Canadian border, but in the middle of the High Peaks region of Adirondack Park. The house is up a dirt road at the front of a 30 acre wooded property.

It rained all day on Saturday, but on Sunday we took a 3 mile trail up to Hurricane Mountain, near Keene, NY. This isn’t one of the 46 high peak mountains, but it was pretty spectacular anyway. The trail we took started at the Crow Clearing trailhead and gradually climbed up the north side of the mountain. There is a firetower at the summit, and 365 degree views of the surrounding terrain and Lake Champlain many miles to the east. This hike was so nice, it just makes me want to spend more time up here- just not during the 8 month long winter.


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