House Tour, Day Three

Welcome to our new house.  Here’s a dog to bark at you and some pictures I took today of the inside of the house.  We’re only about halfway unpacked and we haven’t bought anything new or painted anything yet.  Although the house doesn’t need any major work immediately, these can serve as the “before” pictures.  That is, “before” all the things I “plan” to “maybe” do “eventually”.

Anyway…the red front door opens into the living room.

And the living room leads into the (currently painted electric red) dining room.

From there, the kitchen is to the right.

And right through the kitchen is the door to the back yard.  Sorry, it’s an ugly day today, it looks a little dreary back there.  Just you wait ’till spring rolls around…

And the garage/shed in the back.

Back inside, here’s the office.  It used to be a kid’s room, and it’s painted this blinding turquoise color.  I know turquoise is the Pantone color of the year, but this is pretty awful.  It’s so ugly the camera won’t even capture it properly.

And the downstairs bathroom, which is also the only shower in the house, so it’s actually functioning as the primary bathroom.

And the guest bedroom is the last room downstairs.  It’s brown.  Also needs a paint job pretty bad.

And upstairs is the master suite.  It’s kind of an odd shape, and there’s only two windows, so it’s a little hard to photograph.

And the master bathroom upstairs.  It’s got a tub but no shower.  We’re thinking about spending some of that tax refund money on putting one in.  This room is also quite brown.

And in hilarious other news, today we went to an antique mall looking for a new table, and Danny bought this commemorative plate from the 1986 World Cup.  He says from now on, he will only eat meals off of this.


5 thoughts on “House Tour, Day Three

  1. Hey it looks great! It’s so cute and I am jealous! Also my mom has one of those weird tub no shower things, but she just calls it her “bath” room… for when she wants to take a bath.

  2. Thanks, guys! Yeah, I’m not so much into having a “bath room”, but I can see how some people might like it. …and I’m almost torn on the red dining room, the girl who lived here before had nice old dark wood furniture in there and it looked really nice. Maybe it’s my four year old k-mart table and chairs making it unbearable?

  3. I know you’re supposed to say you like people’s new houses just like you’re supposed to say you think their newborn babies are cute, but in all honestly, I really really like your house. It’s slammin’.

    I love the wood floors and cozy vibe and big yard and deck. And there appears to be enough light everywhere. Also nice in the master bathroom how you can brush your teeth without disrupting the other person is in their “bath.” (Or on the toilet.)

    The bright colors are kind of cool looking, but I guess some rooms are a bit jarring. When’s painting day?

    Also, I hope the commemorative plate doesn’t have any toxic chemicals or dyes sprayed on it– it is meant to be on display, after all.

  4. It is just as cute on the inside. I don’t mind the red in the dining room and I sort of like the brown guest room since it makes the windows pop. But it is hard to tell the actual shade in photos.

    Your shed is cute, kitchen looks sunny and open….great going.

    And, I grew up in a house without a shower. Our bathroom was for baths. I didn’t take showers unless at the beach and I still prefer baths, unless I’m in a big rush. Maybe you will be a convert.

    Maybe could attach one of those hand held shower attachments.

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