Can You Build a Room Around a Chair?

Alright, so I just got my credit card out to make the first furniture purchase for the new house.  Today I took a little lunch break excursion to two of the big West Knoxville furniture stores looking for dining tables and chairs.  I saw a few nice things, but of course nothing unique.  I’m having trouble accepting matchy-matchy sets from big box stores, even if the price is right.  I want stuff that is unique.  And I read once that there shouldn’t be any item in your house that isn’t either A.) beautiful in your eyes, or B.) functional in your daily life.

So with that I’ve decided to make the dining room the first project.  The red walls have got to go.  But I’m going to pick out furniture first.  They sell paint in any imaginable color combination, so why not do that last when you figure out all the other stuff you want in there?

It all started with me stupidly browsing West Elm.  There’s certainly no West Elm store here in Knoxville, their shit is expensive, and shipping costs a fortune.  But I love it so.  The thing I loved most was this chair.

Oh, I still love it so much, especially in white.  But with shipping, four chairs would have been well over $600, and I just can’t bring myself to do that for chairs.  So in searching for other modern, classically styled chairs I found this one.

It’s the Salt Chair from Design Within Reach, a store I was completely unaware of until today.  Beautiful modern furniture, but most of it is insanely expensive.  This chair is currently on sale, and a set of 4 will run me $360 (including shipping), which I think is much more reasonable.  Although if you told me 5 years ago that I’d be psyched about spending that much on some dumb chairs, I would’a hit ya.

So what kind of table do you pair with the Salt Chair?  That’s the new question of the day.  I think it has to be wood, but a dark wood might clash.  At the moment I’m thinking of a kinda simple shaker style rectangular table, and I’m wondering if I could get one at a local unfinished furniture store for fairly cheap.  That way I could finish it myself in a really light shade, or hell, maybe even paint it white …or distressed light blue?  Isn’t this pretty?

I’m also still pondering paint colors for that room as well.  It has to be light, though.  The bright red makes the room a little claustrophobic for me right now.  God knows it’ll take about four coats of primer to get the red to go away, so I’m thinking I’ll prime first and then pick a color when it’s down to a blank canvas.  Perhaps?


6 thoughts on “Can You Build a Room Around a Chair?

  1. I just bought this book and that table makes me think of these projects… they’ve got rough instructions on how to build a table in there… basically painted wood on saw horses, which doesn’t sound so fancy, but somehow just looks fantastic the way they present it.

  2. It’s going to look so nice! We never eat anywhere but on the couch in front of the TV, so I’m pretty jealous of nice calm dining areas.

    Just think of the leisurely weekend brunches you could serve up on one of those rustic tables. Say, maybe you should fix up that shed and open a bed and breakfast…?

  3. You know…it’s funny you should mention that for two reasons: 1.) I’m making brunch on Sunday for Danny’s dad and stepmom, and 2.) I was daydreaming today about building a one bedroom guesthouse in the backyard. Wouldn’t that be neato?

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