5 Nice Little Things

After being in the house for two weeks, I’m starting to appreciate some of the details.  There are nice little touches here and there that give this place so much built-in personality.  Here are some of my favorite things.

1. Tiny Closet

What’s that tiny door doing in the kitchen?  It’s holding all my spices and stuff.  I thinks its original purpose was to house a fold out ironing board.  Considering the amount of times I’ve ironed in my life, this is much more useful.  I’d like to paint the inside of it and add a few extra shelves.

2. Glass Door Knobs

All of the interior downstairs doors (closets and all) have knobs like this.  I think it’s classy.

3. Moulding

I like how all of the trim and moulding is big and significant.  The trim all around the downstairs floor is about six inches tall.  And it’s got crown moulding throughout the downstairs.  People seem to like that these days.

4. Marble Bathroom Shelf

Usually in bathrooms with pedestal sinks there’s nowhere to put anything.  The soap is dangling off the uneven edge of the bowl, and there’s nowhere to take your contacts out.  Not the case in this casa.  The shelf actually looks like an old marble windowsill or something, its got some dings in it.  But it’s okay.  I love it.

5. Walk-In Closet

This is 4 times larger than the largest closet I had ever had before.  It’s jawsome.


One thought on “5 Nice Little Things

  1. You got a great house with a lot of character and charm. As you live in it, you will come to find even more to appreciate with the craftmanship and and style of that era of homes. I think the people who lived there before you loved the home, too. Their care of it over the years proves that any changes that were made only added to the charm and character.

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