DIY Curtain Panels

I spent a lot of time browsing around for curtain panels for the dining room that weren’t either ugly as sin or cost $100 each .  There are some good options from World Market and Urban Outfitters…but I was being picky.  So with an idea from this post I decided to go ahead and make my own.  And now I’m here to say that even with no sewing skills or sewing machine, you too can make your own curtain panels.

The fabric I used was ordered online.  I went to a local decorating fabric store, and they happened to have a swatch of this exact style.  I like supporting local businesses, but to order this from them would have cost $40 more, and taken 6 weeks to be shipped to the store.  I’m far too impatient and cheap to do that.  So I went home and ordered the same thing online, and it arrived in about 4 days.

The easiest part about this whole thing is that you only need to construct a large rectangle for each panel.  No loops or tabs at the top, thanks to these little clippy ring things they sell at Home Depot or wherever.

I’m very happy with the way they turned out.  Being new to this iron-on hem tape, it was definitely helpful to have two people working on it (thanks, Mom).  And I will say that the construction is much stronger with a few reinforcement hand stitches at each corner.  But it was very easy, and far less expensive than any kind of custom window treatments.  Plus hanging the rod high and wide above the window frame makes the room look taller and the window look bigger.

So we’re well on the way to finishing up this dining room project.  My papasita helped painting the baseboards, windows, and door frame last weekend.  The ceiling needs to be painted, but you know what?  I don’t feel like it.  What we do need, however, are some pieces of flair.  You can see from this angle that the walls are bare, and I need to add some cool stuff.

But yesterday I went to a charity rummage sale in West Knox and picked up a mirror and big gold frame for $15.  With a good paint job, I think they’ll turn out alright.  Working on a game plan for that next.  More to come!


9 thoughts on “DIY Curtain Panels

  1. I have curtains at my mom’s house we made just like that. The original idea was that we’d change the curtains (since the little clippy guys make it super easy to do!) but we’ve never re-visited it. Your fabric is much classier than the black-with-bright-snakes that I picked out, though!

  2. The curtains look awesome. I hand sewed some curtains for a door for our bedroom so we can have privacy when guests need to use the potty. My apartment is weird and the bedroom door is from the living room to the hallway where the only bathroom is. So yeah, curtains were necessary and they WERE surprisingly easy! I used a rod and just made a giant sleeve type thing so they could slip on and off the rod easily. I like yours better though.

  3. Darling choice!

    I do that same iron hemming trick. I find it is better to just do things than think about them and want them a too specific way. Congrats on just going for it!

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