Bring on Some Color

I made the realization after painting the dining room, that for years I’ve been living in white-walled apartments, longing for a brighter, personalized color on the walls.  And what’s the first thing I do when I get in here?  Paint over the bright red with off-white.

Enjoying the bright new dining room walls, but needing something a little out of the ordinary, I recently painted our phone nook green.  The color is Valspar’s “Jalapeno Jelly”.

I think it’s a great addition.  The main wall color is an off white, with just a hint of light green, and doing this really brings it out.  The lower moulding is painted ultra white to match the rest of the room’s trim, and the subtle contrast with the walls is nice.  It’s a neat little old house feature, and I think it’s fun to make the most of it.  I’m still working on filling out the other walls in the dining room, so the whole deal isn’t quite finished yet.

After all the non-fun house money we had to spend lately, I’ve been up for some more satisfying home stuff.  And being on my own here this past weekend, I didn’t have a good excuse not to get some work done.  So I painted our little kitchen blue.  Here are some before shots of the yellow-ey brown that was on the walls previously:

It was a little dull.  Plus, our kitchen doesn’t currently have a backsplash, so the paint behind the counters was getting a little ugly.  There are blue tiles on the kitchen floor, which aren’t going anywhere for a while.  They certainly wouldn’t have been my choice, but I will say that they are awesome at hiding dirt (and there’s a lot of it at the back door).  So I thought a light grey-blue wall color might make them look better.

I’m am grateful that the previous owner of this house painted these cabinets white.  She did an awesome job transforming ugly (yet well-made) cabinets into a clean, white finish.  We’re really thankful that the cabinets are in such good condition.  Because, although it’s do-able to DIY paint cabinets, it sounds like a pain in my ass.  In the long term, I would love to save up and replace the faux-butcher-block laminate countertops with a lower-end solid surface, do a subway tile backsplash, and get a new sink and faucet fixture.  But that might be a little while down the road.  I’m thinking that would be at least a $1500 expense, even if we did all the work ourselves.  But either way, those cabinets are staying, they’re in damn good shape and it would be a total waste to rip them out.

This was also my first foray into more expensive, premium paint.  This color is “Icelandic” in Sherwin Williams Duration.  It cost double what I paid for the dining room color from the local Glidden paint store.  But I’m figuring that a high-traffic, high-mess area like this kitchen deserves a better quality paint.  Even the matte finish Duration is clean-able.

The ceiling of this room is still covered in this weird high-gloss, off-white, old-ass paint.  It’s ridiculous, and it needs to be covered up.  But this old paint is so temperamental, I think I might even need to sand it down before trying to put a new coat over it.  Ugh…sanding a ceiling?  That sounds like torture.

And another fun little project I did on Sunday was to make the little chalkboard frame I hung next to the back door.  When we first moved in, I had visions of chalkboard-painting the entire kitchen walls.  That would have been overkill, but I never got over the chalkboard-in-the-kitchen idea.  When I found this old gold frame at the rummage sale a few weeks ago, I knew it was destined to be my chalkboard .  So I spray painted it white, and got the fellas over at Lowes to cut me a 16″x20″ piece of some kind of flat paneling.  Then chalkboard-painted the panel, and popped it into the frame.  I think it looks really great on the wall.  And if I could pull it together and actually remember to buy some chalk, it’ll look even sweeter.

I never noticed before how much switch plates and outlet covers can make a room look so much more polished.  The ones in here before were horrid.  The switch plates had little birdhouse illustrations on them, and the outlet covers were painted-over plastic.  So I grabbed a few of these brushed silvery-looking ones, and it really cleans the place up nice.

As with most of the rest of the house, the trim and ceiling still needs some fresh paint, but overall I think this modest little kitchen isn’t looking half bad.


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