I Need a Hoe

Right?  With all the rain, this garden is growing like crazy.  And it’s getting overrun with weeds.

That’s a thriving tomato plant in the foreground, amidst a field of weeds.  With all the backbreaking labor of digging this area out, I lacked the foresight to prepare for the weeds to grow back.  Stupid.  And I’ve completely neglected it lately with a wild week of friends becoming doctors, steak grillin’, and an enlightening trip to Dollywood (i.e. a study in modern American obesity).

So will a hoe solve all of my gardening problems?  Likely not, but it ought to be easier than pulling these out by hand, or digging around with a shovel.  I have also been advised to get a few bags of mulch to fill in around the plants to help curb the weeds.  Not sure if that’s entirely necessary, what with the miracles this hoe will work.  (This is how I pump myself up about buying tools.  They’ll change my life, you know.)

But the plants in the ground are all doing great.  This pepper plant has a few buds on it, and the tomatoes look awesome.  Even after a bout with the dog’s teeth, the zucchini is actually still going strong.  Speaking of that dog, he also showed his love by crapping on my okra plant.  Little bastard.  Don’t let his stately appearance fool you…he’s just trying to decide what he’s going to wreck next.


3 thoughts on “I Need a Hoe

  1. Handsome pooch! Oh my.

    My theory on weeds is–plant plant plant…herbs/wildflowers, veggies, so there isn’t space for them…then you may have too many plants but they aren’t knarly weeds and are at least attractive or medicinal. I deadhead marigolds and sprinkle the seeds in fresh dirt.

    And mulch is a VERY good idea. I did it this year for the first time. some neighbors have been recommending it… I only water my tomatoes once a week–but a deep deep soak…they are carpeted with bark/mulch so they retain moisture. This way the roots dig down deep and you get a much sturdier/tree-like plant. Plants with wet feet dont have to work as hard and have shallow roots.

    Glad you are having fun with it…a few hours a week–so rewarding!

    And composting is great!!! Free fertilizer, less waste, all good.

  2. Nicole- Dollywood is totally sweet, they pump Dolly’s hits through fake-rock speakers all over the park, all day long. You should go!

    Emily- thanks for the advice. I was hoping you might chime in! 🙂 I think I’m going to spend some hours this weekend on the weed situation, and I’ll report back.

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