Progress: Derailed

Kitchen progress has ground to a halt due to this thing (and what’s on it in this picture).  We finally bought a new TV.  And it rocks my world.

We’ve been browsing for a new TV for the past year now, and the time was finally right last weekend.  The start of the World Cup also coincided with a Father’s Day sale at Sears, and we couldn’t pass up the good deal on this sweet TV.  Our requirements were: major name brand, 40-50″ screen, 1080p, and at least 3 HDMI inputs.  We ended up with an 42″ LG LCD model.

The prices on LCD’s have been coming down in the past few months, and including tax the bill only came to $760.  Plus they threw in a $75 Sears gift card to boot.  So really only $685.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s a shitload of money to spend on a TV, but it’s an expense we’ve been planning for some time.  Plus our old TV sucked.

There it is, sitting around all convex and rejected in the other room.  It served me well since 2003.  And in reality, it will probably end up upstairs in our bedroom when I feel like springing for a second cable box from Comcast.  (I hate Comcast with an undying passion.)

There was another sort of big-picture reason to get the TV now.  When we were first looking at this house, the previous owner had a built-in bookcase on this TV wall.  It looked pretty great, and we were shocked that she wanted to dismantle it and take it with her.  But she did.  Here’s what it looked like the first time we saw it:

So ever since we moved in, we keep thinking about how to re-create this and make it better.  There’s been talk of building an extension of the bookcase over the door to the upstairs, essentially turning it into a hidden door (which would be super cool).  But whether or not the secret door comes to fruition, the goal is to get Danny and his buddy to build this thing out before August.  So we would need to know the exact dimensions of the TV screen before planning can begin.

Here’s my technical rendering of it:

It would be so great to have so much storage for books and DVDs and have all the cords and everything tucked neatly behind there.  Ideally we will do floor to ceiling, maybe with a little crown moulding on top to class it up.

Please note that this plan hinges on the motivation of two young gentlemen, rather than myself.  So it may be a while.  But man, it’s going to make this room the BEST.


2 thoughts on “Progress: Derailed

  1. her old bookcase was awesome. We are always struggling with storage… we added some crappy looking non-varnished shelves to the free entertainment center John brought home from work one day… when we got our flatscreen it was too huge to fit in the alloted hole so we just sort of stack our books in that spot too and put the tv on top. Your plan sounds much nicer. Good luck!!

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