Watch My Garden Grow

I’ve made great strides this week in de-weeding our raised garden bed.  It’s remarkable how much time I’ve spent on this task.  A week ago, virtually every inch of dirt in the photo above was covered in an array of weeds.  It had to be done though, despite the searing heat and humidity we’ve had this week.  Some of the plants were getting strangled by overgrown crap.  The only casualty was the sage, but I wasn’t about to let it get to anything else.

In other news, the tomatoes and zucchini are doing awesome.  I harvested the first zucchini today, and there are three more that will be ready in about a week.  And the tomatoes are about to go crazy.  The full size tomato plants (in the picture above) are the heirloom variety “Mr. Stripey” so I’m interested to see the variegated colors when they start to ripen.  The cherry tomato plant (“Sweet 100”) is going strong too.  A few little ones just started to turn, and in about a week we’ll have dozens of them.

And even the little eggplant has a fruit poking out.  I thought it was on its way out, but I guess not.  The okra plants are looking strong too, still no pods coming out yet though.  If I got my act together and cleared out these weeds about a month ago, I could have put more tomatoes in the ground.  But I’m pretty sure it’s too late to plant more now.  I’m also hesitant to plant too much more this year  because the CSA is really kicking into high gear.  We’re getting a ton of summer squash, cucumbers, and lettuce (among other goodies) every week.  And I don’t want to go overboard and let stuff go to waste.

I also can’t help but start thinking about what to do with this garden next year.  If tilled properly from the beginning of the season, I think this area could easily hold 4-5 tomato plants, 2-3 squash hills, and a few okra and pepper plants.  We would also like to till up another area in the yard and try planting rows of corn.  Next year I think herbs will work better for me in containers up on the porch so that they’re more accessible from the kitchen, and they’re a little further removed from the bunnies and the bugs.  And next year I resolve to MULCH the raised bed to help combat the weeds.

It’s been fun so far, and I’ve definitely learned a lot.  It’s really nice to have the space to do this.  And when it comes down to it, it’s relaxing and satisfying to spend some quiet time out there in the sun, digging in the dirt.


6 thoughts on “Watch My Garden Grow

  1. I have such a black thumb, or whatever the opposite of a green thumb is. It would be nice to have a yard like you do, but realistically I could never make this happen. good job on everything – the tomatoes look good!

  2. Nicely done. Your plants look happy

    It might not be too late for more tomatoes. It is warm here all year but I put in 6 more on Sunday, that way I can get them as it turns to fall.

    Plus, Sweet 100s grow really quick. I also added in sungolds, the little yellow sweet cherries–my fav.

    I still need to get out and mulch some more too. It breaks down at makes the soil better.

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