I just finished a completely thankless painting project that no one but me will ever appreciate.

The baseboards and trim in this house are OLD.  They are in varied conditions of ugly and dirty from room to room.  The kitchen was particularly doomed because at some point in the past, every damn surface was covered in super-high-gloss paint, possibly oil-based, possibly filled with lead.  So this glossy shit is impossible to cover up because nothing sticks to it.  And I learned the hard way to never, ever, ever put painters tape on any surface that was ever covered with it.  Because when you pull it off, it takes off every layer of paint or primer that’s ever been applied since.

Most of this information came to light when I was painting the walls blue a little while ago.  It left the door frames looking totally ugly and stripped down to that god forsaken shiny garbage.  Plus the back door was all nastified from grubby hands all over it, so that needed some attention.  In an effort to focus on one room before moving on to the next, I figured I ought to just paint the trim in here.  So I took a few extra days off of work this week, and thought this would be a productive/tortuous way to spend them.

All in all it was only about six or seven hours of actual work.  But the absolute worst part was the prep.  This shit needed to be sanded down all over.  I got one of those little sander sponges from Lowes, which seemed to do the trick because it can get into the grooves easier than a sanding block can.  But my arm hurts, and I have a bad attitude now about sanding.

Also, since using painters tape is counter-productive in this room I had to keep a steady hand, and not be too sloppy with the edges.  After two coats of Valspar Ultra White (semi-gloss) went up, it was looking pretty sharp.  But I still needed to go back over all the door frame edges with the blue paint on a tiny little hobby brush to make the seams straight again.  The tiny brush part was kind of fun, for some sick reason.

That narrow little gap between these two door frames was particularly bitchy.  It’s not even the same width at the top and bottom.  This whole house is crooked.  Now I want to paint the inside of the spice cabinet too.  I want to add one extra shelf, then paint the inside the same blue as the walls (lots of leftover).  But this will require primer, and who the hell paints the inside of a closet?  I might be getting a little carried away here.


4 thoughts on “Meh…painting.

  1. I think it would be cool to line the spice closet with some funky contact paper or vintage wallpaper. I mean I know people cringe at the word wallpaper, but seeing your flowery apron hanging there gave me the idea.

  2. Dude, that’s a good idea! You know, wallpaper is actually making a big comeback. Maybe I could just paint the shelves white and do the back of the cabinet with a sweet pattern.

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