Deutschland über alles

As you all should know by now, Germany is kicking ass in the World Cup.  And I predict that the center of this poster I ordered will be black (even if Paul the Octopus says nay).

But in other, more pertinent German news, I just inherited a gigantic set of modern Rosenthal china from the 1960’s.

Although these too are hand-me-downs, they’ve got a lot more cred than my old, crappy set (that can be seen in this old, crappy post).  With a little internet research, I’ve come to find that this Rosenthal pattern, “Shape 2000” was produced in Germany in the sixties, and was designed by Raymond Loewy who also designed Studebakers and coke bottles.  There are a few pieces for sale on ebay with this same pattern.  I don’t know if these prices are realistic or not, but they’re selling 4 salad plates for over $70.  And I just carted home (for FREE) a service for 12, plus two platters, two serving bowls, teapot, cream/sugar containers, and some weird bowl-plate attached thing.

I’m pretty thrilled with this.  They first came to America via my mother’s cousin who was an Army dentist stationed in Germany.  They were a gift for his mother.  Years later, my mom purchased the lot from her aunt for somewhere around $40.  They’ve been at my parents house since I was a kid, but seldom used.  Supposedly you can put them in the dishwasher so they’re about to become my new everyday dishes.  Their arrival is also coinciding with my minor kitchen update projects, so it’ll be nice to open the cabinets and pull out something pretty to use everyday.

Should I have a dinner party to celebrate?  Realistically, our house couldn’t even seat 12 people for a dinner party, about 4 place settings will stay in a box in the basement.  Until I break something.  I’ll keep ya’ll updated when that disappointing moment comes to pass.

Oh, and if anyone has ever seen this pattern before or knows anything about Rosenthal from the 1960’s, let me know!


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