To-do List, August 2010

In lieu of sharing with you all of the things I’ve done lately, here is a list of the grand ideas I have for the next month.  I just have to get my ass in gear and make it happen.


Of course, the kitchen updates are no big deal.  It’s not a “renovation” by any stretch.  That investment won’t come for quite some time.  But in the meantime, I’m trying to make some aesthetic and functional updates that will make it better in the short term.  We’ve already painted, made a window treatment, and installed a magnetic knife strip.  And the two little things I still need to get up are a shelf behind the stove, and some kind of artwork on the only blank wall in this room.  The shelf is oh so close.  And I’m flip-flopping on what I want to put on that wall.

The other issue in there that I’d love to deal with is the tiny closet.  It used to be a fold-out ironing board cabinet, but now it’s a spice rack.  The inside is entirely unfinished.  I originally thought I’d just paint it white, but Praz had the genius suggestion to wallpaper the inside of it.  My mom is on board with this idea, and told me to look at stores like Sherwin Williams that sell wallpaper and might have remnants that I could buy for cheap.  So I need to investigate that.


I broke away from my plan of working on only one room at a time.  But opportunities presented themselves that were hard to pass up.  This past weekend my “paint whisperer” father came in to town and did away with the wretched aqua color on the walls of our office room.  The room is now a soft grey, and it looks wonderful.

I plan on using two short bookcases, a desk and and armchair that we already have.  But it’s going to need a lot of extra crap to get it looking good.  Speaking of that armchair…I found some good ol’ boy who does re-upholstery, and I’m going to be able to get a hand-me-down old chair spruced up for $230, including fabric.  Try finding a brand new, comfy, good-looking armchair for less than $400.  More on that later.  It’s going to be totally sweet in here pretty soon, but I just need to get some shit going.


Two of my co-workers are having babies, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to spend money on someone else’s unborn child.  My standard new baby gift is the umbilical cord hat from Stitch ‘n Bitch.  It’s super easy, and I’ve been using up old yarn making them for the child bearing folks over the past two years.  So I’m thinking about trying out the Saartje’s booties pattern.  They’re so dang cute, and even though they use devil baby DPN’s, they’re small enough that they should be quick to knit.

Also, I have a deep need for this knitted pouf.  It seems easy, I would just have to buy those monster needles and some big yarn.  I have to finish two sets of booties, though, before I can reward myself with this.  Committing that statement to print makes it a definite.  Oh, let’s also not forget I haven’t knitted a single thing in like six months, so god help me to even get one bootie done.


7 thoughts on “To-do List, August 2010

  1. I love the booties! I’ve made two or three pairs… super fast knit. Although, to be honest, the first one I made ended up huge (I scoffed at yarn size/gauge…. oops) and fit my phone better than a baby foot. I never made the match. After that, though, super easy, fast and great looking. Go for it!

  2. (PS- I love the pouf, too. Looks like a sea urchin. If I didn’t already have an excess of pillows, I’d add it to my queue in a heartbeat. But I think another pillow-thing would get me kicked out onto the street. Booo)

  3. Emily- yes, how could I forget #4??

    Nicole- thanks for the bootie encouragement. Will keep you posted. In fact, might go buy the yarn at lunch today!

  4. Thanks for the shout out! I’m glad you liked my idea!
    I used to knit, but I am not good enough to do those booties. They are super cute and if you get good at them you should make adult size! With little pom poms or bells on top like my grammy used to!

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