Fancy iPhone Business

Woohoo! Welcome to the future. I’m writing this from a rocking chair on the back porch on my brand new iphone. We finally stopped being cheapskates about the whole thing and turned in our antique Nokia flip phones this morning.

Until this week I’ve paid no attention to anything iPhone related because I just kind of figured I’d never have one. So what are all the must-have apps I need to get??

I just downloaded Hipstamatic and it rocks my socks off. Who buys a brand new smartphone and pays for an app that makes your pictures look old and fuzzy? This guy, right here.


2 thoughts on “Fancy iPhone Business

  1. swankolab (how apropos) is also a cool app made from the hipstamatic people… it is sort of silly but fun. I don’t have an iPhone but I use Johnny’s all the time. A lot of the apps are kinda pointless, like the one that helps you track your menstrual cycle… it’s called iPeriod or something!

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