Tiny Closet

Our kitchen has the tiniest closet.  It was made to hold a fold-up ironing board, which must have been convenient back in the days when people still ironed things.  The previous owner of this house threw some shelves in it and called it a day.  It was pretty helpful storage for a small kitchen, but it was pretty ugly behind that door, and could be much more functional.  So this weekend we made it a little better.  Here’s what it looked like before:

It’s a handy little storage space, but it was fugly inside and needed more shelves.  My first plan was to find some neat wallpaper to put in there.  Turns out they don’t really sell wallpaper like they used to, and the cool stuff you see in design magazines is too ‘spensive.  So rather than drop a bunch of money on the inside of a closet, I decided to just paint the damn thing white.

So I took out all of the shelves and got to painting.  3 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint.  It’s Valspar Ultra White semi-gloss, to match the trim.  Ahh, white and refreshing.

Halfway through, I made the realization that it would have been easier to just take the door off and lay it flat to paint it.  Then 5 minutes later, while angrily painting the 4th coat, I broke one of the door hinges.  Spectacular, let’s take another trip to Home Depot!  The hinges were old, and probably would have broken on their own soon anyway.  But that doesn’t stop me from being mad at them.  Plus the only black, flush hinges they had were a little more kountry-kottage than I would have liked.  But they’ll do.

At this point, I’m getting real tired of painting, and yet the shelves still need theirs.  It’s spray paint time, hello old friend.  Since they’re going to be inside the cabinet, mostly covered up with stuff, who cares if they have a perfect paint job?  I just gave them a few coats of white Rust-Oleum semi-gloss spray paint, L-brackets and all.  Eight nice little shelves, in their well-ventilated area, after their first coat:

These shelves are just 1″x3″s cut down to about 12.5″ long.  There is a 1.5″ L-bracket on the underside of each.  There were previously six shelves, which left too much wasted space, so I added two more.  The cabinet itself is rather crooked, plus the opening was 5 coats of paint smaller than it was before.  So some of the shelves really had to be wedged in there.  Luckily, I had someone else do the hard part.


Since I had to buy an entire 8 foot length 1″x3″ for the sake of two little shelves, I had some extra. So I had two 15-inch pieces cut for this other idea I’d been cooking up.  And just to be clear, I sure don’t have a way to cut these at home, so I have the guy at Home Depot or Lowes do it.

I had been flip-flopping about what to do with this little wall behind the door.  It’s got an awkwardly placed electrical outlet that makes everything look off.  So rather than hanging a picture that will perpetually look crooked, I thought this might be more functional, and CHEAP.

This was extremely easy.  I just painted the two 1″x3″s white, and stuck three little nails in each (evenly spaced).  Then just hung these office supply bulldog clips from each nail.  The boards themselves are attached to the wall with 3M Command picture hanging strips.  Those strips work magically on things like this that don’t need to support much weight.  I think this will be nice to hang little postcards, notes, shopping lists, menus, and this tremendous picture of my father as a tween.

All in all, I’m pretty psyched about the progress we made in here this weekend.  This closet was something I’ve been putting off for months, so it feels fabulous to have it done.  The kitchen is SO CLOSE to being finished, I can taste it.


4 thoughts on “Tiny Closet

  1. What a difference in terms of capacity of this small closet by adding the extra shelves.
    The clips on the wall will male it easy to change the photos, etc.

  2. It looks great. I am severely coveting your spice closet as I have mine on two plastic shelves from the container store, where the spices are always hanging off the edges, moments from falling and making a big mess.

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