This Old Chair

One of my to-do’s for August was to make a plan for the office, which is the next room on my list.  Workin’ on it.

We’ve already got a desk for the computer, so the next logical things to work on in my mind are A.) book storage, and B.) a nice reading nook.  I’m working on the book storage aspect, but the reading nook depends on the well-being of this old chair.

Looks like shit, eh?  BUT, it’s also comfortable as shit.  And it’s a hand-me-down that cost me nothing six years ago when it came into my life.  It’s just big enough to throw your legs up over the edge, but not bulky enough to take up too much space in a small room.  It’s been hiding out in our guest bedroom for the past six months since we got this ol’ house, but it’s about to be reborn.

I bet you’d like to blame those ripped up arms on our cat.  But no!  It was another cat named Max who did this damage.  It all went down in my first Brooklyn apartment at 7th Ave and 14th St. in Park Slope.  Max loved hanging out in my room and sinking his cute little claws into this chair.  The plushy goodness was too much for his little paws to handle.

I wasn’t quick to get pissed at Max’s papa (my roommate) at the time, since the chair was free.  In fact, the sofa that matched this chair was actually sawed into pieces to remove it from that fourth floor walk-up apartment.  But because of the comfort factor, I’ve lugged it around with me, from Bay Ridge on down to Knoxville.

In the spirit of recycling instead of throwing away (and being a cheapskate) I’m having this bad boy reupholstered.  And it’s gonna be sweet.

Think about buying a new armchair.  Here are a few options I’d be interested in.  I would be spending a minimum of $450 with shipping.  Just on the chair alone, not including ottoman, ideal side table, floor lamp, etc.  Now, I’m sure there are deals to be found, and scouring Overstock constantly would probably turn up something acceptable.  But I like the idea of reupholstering.  There’s nothing offensive about this chair other than the cat scratch fever.

Via a dodgy furniture store in my neighborhood I happened upon this fellow named Charlie.  He does upholstery for a living, and works almost exclusively for this furniture store.  But I got a quote from him on this chair, and he’d do the deed for $175, plus he would let me buy the fabric from wherever I wanted to.  This means I could buy the fabric of my dreams for cheap online.

So I started with a bunch of $1-$2 swatches from

So many choices.  So, so many.  I really liked the navy and white chevron pattern, but it might have come out a little in-ya-face.  The blue/green prints were nice, but not versatile at all.  We also really liked the grey/white cross hatch pattern.  But when all was said and done, we painted the walls grey, and it was little too much grey-on-grey action.  That one also looks like little UT T’s to me, which is a no-no for a non-Tennessee fan in this town.  So after much agonizing, I went with the vine-y red/white swatch on the upper left of the pic above.

Enough with the neutrals, I’m really not as boring as the first two rooms re-done in my house might suggest.  I do love the color red, just not on the walls.  I also figure that the pattern on this fabric is small enough to sort of appear as a solid from a distance.  I’m hoping once it’s actually affixed to the chair properly it will function as a solid light red color in the overall scheme of this room.

Old boy Charlie will come to pick up the chair free of charge.  He was supposed to come last week, but it was rainy and I guess his truck isn’t covered.  But once he does actually take the chair, it shouldn’t take more than a few days to re-cover it.  I’m totally psyched to see what it looks like in its new skin.  This chair and the nice soft grey paint color will determine the future of this room.  Much, much more to come.


4 thoughts on “This Old Chair

  1. I like old chairs and my dad has one that I made him promise to give me when he dies… I asked him when I was like 10 so I hope the promise is still binding. I think it is cool that you’re reupholstering the old one. And $175 really isn’t bad when you compare it to a boring IKEA $400 chair

  2. The rug you plan to use in this room will be perfect and I think there will be a painting coming your way that will also fit well.

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