Office Paint Situation

The office painting is done.  Completely ass-backwards…but done.  Here’s a before picture of the sickly under-the-sea blue we endured for the first four months of living here:

Get back to work, kitty.

This room used to be a kid’s bedroom, which I guess this color would be vaguely appropriate for.  But it made my eyes hurt and and was decidedly non-productive for a home office setting.  I wanted to do a light grey instead.  After much deliberation with the second-guessing voices in my head, I decided on “Heavy Goose” from the Martha Stewart paint line from Home Depot.  Despite ridiculous name, it came out beautifully.

My paintin’ fool Dad came to town a few weeks ago and knocked out the walls in record time.  He also did the baseboards, windows, and doors in the classic Valspar Ultra White.  Thanks, Pops!  (I didn’t even pick up a brush that weekend.)

For my lack of painting labor that weekend, I still managed to make a decision that would create more work for myself in the long run.  A sane painter, like my father, would advise you to do the ceiling first, then the walls, then the trim.  But our ceiling in this room required some serious patching, and no one was prepared to tackle it that weekend, so we went ahead and left the ceiling as it was, dingey and yellowed and full of cracks and holes and weird flaps like this one.

The messiness on the ceiling looked to be caused by some old water damage, maybe when they were putting in the bathroom upstairs or from before they replaced the roof.  Who the hell knows.  I all I know is that it’s dry now, and the ceiling was ugly.  A particularly enthusiastic Home Depot employee told me that what I needed was some Plaster of Paris.  Sounds exciting and international, no?  No.  Not at all.

It’s messy and unpleasant.  But it did the job.  You mix it with water and goop it up onto the ceiling and smooth it out as best you can.  Then let it dry and sand it down to get it smoother.  (And get lots of plaster bits in your hair, eyes, and mouth.)  Then a bit of primer over the patches, and you’re ready to paint.

This was my first adventure in ceiling painting.  Turns out that it doesn’t suck as much as painting trim.  So, let’s focus on that positive note.  It actually went pretty quick, and looks fantastic with a fresh coat.  Instead of buying the coordinating Martha Steward ceiling color to match the walls, I opted for the plain Behr flat ceiling paint.  I know it’s fancy and stylish to not paint your ceilings white, but I didn’t even know if these patch spots would hold up, so there was no need to draw any extra attention up to the ceiling.

And of course with a fresh coat on the ceiling, the crown moulding looked like shit, so I had to paint that too.  That was the last step, the final frontier of painting every inch of this damn room.  And I finished it an hour ago.  Woo!

Now onto the fun part of dealing with this room.  Buying stuff!


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