Saartje’s Booties

“Professor, what’s another word for ‘pirate treasure’?”

“Well, I think it’s booty. Booty, booty, that’s what it is.”

The people that I work with love having babies all the time.  When I first got the job, I stupidly set the precedent that I would knit some cute baby item for each of these births.  For the first few, I made the umbilical cord hat from Stitch n’ Bitch.  That one is easy and quick and people seem to like it.

But for this fall’s round of babies, I decided to branch out and try the Saartje bootie pattern.  It’s a pretty popular one on ye olde internet, and everyone says that it’s also quick and easy.  And c’mon, they’re kind of charming too, right?  Tiny human feet!

As I’ve done for the past two years, I bought the materials and put it on my to-do list well in advance of the baby shower or due date or whatever.  Then I procrastinate and distract myself until the weekend before it’s “due”.  These booties were no exception.  Before yesterday I had the blue pair about 60% complete.  And now two pairs, 100%, bam.  I think I work best under pressure.

The pink pair turned out a little better overall.  Mostly because I did them second so all the screw ups were on the blue ones.  Also because the pink yarn was more plush.  The pink pair is Plymouth Yarn Dream Baby DK (acrylic/nylon) and the blue ones are Dale Baby Ull (merino wool).  Although they were both DK weight, the gauge was slightly different and I used the same size 2 needles, so the pink ones turned out a little bigger and taller.

Overall the actual knitting part of these was super easy.  The pattern could not be less complicated.  The finishing made me a little crazy though.  For each bootie there are like 400 loose ends that need to be woven in, plus sewing on the buttons and making half-assed little button holes on the end of each strap.

I get frustrated and tired of fumbling around with tiny little needles.  US#2 is definitely the smallest I’ve ever actually used on a project.  To reward myself for the tiny needle toil, I’m going to start my next project on super huge gigantic needles.  This knitted stool is going to be a sweet ass addition to my office-in-progress.  I just need to locate some US#19 sized needles.  Oh, internet…. !


4 thoughts on “Saartje’s Booties

  1. I’ve heard of people knitting on turkey basters for super large gauges….
    Good job on the booties! They look much better than the first one I made. I didn’t pay any attention to gauge and I ended up with a super giant bootie… oops.

  2. Adorable!!!!!! The booties look as if they have their own personalities. I think they should have a name as well as the new baby.

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