Collage Stool

Here’s a fun new addition to our office-in-progress, courtesy of my lil’ sis, Jessie.  This crafty gal has been working on a style of collage art that you can apply to just about anything.  She’s been starting out on furniture odds and ends laying around the house, turning them into something much more special and cool.

So upon my recent visit to Murrlin (Maryland), I observed the process at length while watching hours and hours of Nip/Tuck on Netflix.  (What a ‘effed up show, right?)  She takes textures cut from magazine pages and puts them together on any flat surface using rubber cement.  Then when the piece is complete, covers the whole thing with several layers of Mod Podge.

The first item I watched her finish was the top surface of this little TV tray table.  Here’s a poorly lit iphone photo, which doesn’t do it much justice:

I like the depth you get from all the different layers in play.  Plus most of the original images from magazines have a certain amount of perspective to them which can create some cool optical illusions if done creatively.  I suppose it would be kind of hard to decide when to stop on designs like these.  Since you can keep going and going, adding more layers, at some point you have to step back and call it done.

Next, she found this old bar stool out in the garage.  It was previously painted with a little blue and white design from a furniture-painting phase back in high school.  So she set to work on the seat of it, going with a lighter, cool color palette, which I liked a lot.  It’s got a lot of whites, greens and light purple textures going on.

Graciously, she let me take it home with me.  Even with the caveat that I was going to spray paint the legs white when I got home, which I did the very next day.  I covered up her handywork with a plastic bag taped over the top like a shower cap.

The white legs really complement the colors in the collage.  I’m happy with the result.

It’s currently chilling next to the desk.  That position makes it good for discussions in our house that start with “come watch this video.”  This corner of the office is still a big old question mark for me.  The one thing I’m sure of is that I don’t want to buy a new desk.  So to make the “desk area” take up more wall space, I’m trying to add stuff on either side that is a similar height.  The stool is anchoring the right side, and I’ve got a little filing cabinet on the way to anchor the left.

We’ve got some cord-control issues going on in the desk-ular area.  Super ugly.  Got to work on that.  Also have a lot of blank walls in this general vicinity.  Got to work on that one too.

But let’s not fret over half-finished rooms…THANK YOU JESSIE for this awesome piece of functional art.


4 thoughts on “Collage Stool

  1. very cool. and I love Mod Podge for just about any arts and crafts project. I love when a bunch of it sort of hardens on the lid and I get to pull it off sort of like dead skin after a sunburn.

  2. That little old stool which cost under $10 is like a cat with nine lives! This is the best one. When there is a good surface for her technique you have to understand that Jessie will take over and recreate it.

  3. Yeah! The white paint looks great. I love that it’s actually being used, too! Totally appropriate for the “come watch this video” scenario. I like the process because it’s sort of mindless. And if something doesn’t look right, you can just smack something else on top of it.

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