Oops, we just got a second dog.

Our house is now officially a zoo.  But it’s the cutest zoo ever…look at this thing!!  She’s a six week old Jack Russell mix and we’re calling her Schooner.  She only weighs about 2.5 pounds now, and likely won’t grow bigger than about 15 pounds.

We had been considering it for a while, and besides the dying-of-cuteness factor, I think it’s best in the long run for Seamus to have a little companion for the rest of his years.  He spends a lot of time alone, and sometimes it seems a little sad.  But then again, I do love projecting emotions on animals and inanimate objects, so it’s hard to say.

The big dog is still pretty hesitant of her, but he’s slowly warming up and teaching her how to eat sticks in the yard.  She’s completely fearless.

In other news, our old camera finally kicked the bucket this weekend, thus only phone photos available at the moment.  I’ve secretly been waiting for the day that the old camera dies so I can get a new one.

I’m strongly considering the Canon S90.  I just have to get over the price tag and bite the bullet.  Why no DSLR?  Because I wouldn’t use it enough to justify the cost, and for travel it’s so much easier to have a small camera instead.  The S90 is supposed to have a ton of manual features that give you more image control than most other compacts.  Plus it is supposedly great with low-light photos which our old camera SUCKED at.  Basically every decent indoor picture that I’ve taken for this blog was shot using a makeshift tripod.  For every usable picture you see here, there are about six that are too blurry to use.  So I’m looking forward to using something a little more powerful and accurate.


5 thoughts on “Schooner

  1. What a sweet new girl. She looks like she’s going to be the Alpha Dog what with chicken-hearted Seamus.

    Do you still have that cat?

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