Canon S90

At long last, I have a new camera.  Behold the Canon S90, a robust yet compact point and shoot camera.

I’ve already gone through the justification of purchasing an expensive point and shoot camera versus a DSLR.  The bottom line is that I’m more likely to carry and use a small point and shoot camera.  And so far, this one is tops.  It comes highly reviewed, and in the short time I’ve had to play, it’s completely living up to the description.

The settings really mimic the important DSLR capabilities that make great pictures.  Namely, you can adjust everything.  It even shoots in RAW, if you’re into that kind of thing.  The controls are convenient, and you don’t have to pull up a menu screen every time you want to adjust.  There is even a little ring around the lens that you can set up to control anything.  The default is focal length, but I’ll likely end up setting it to ISO or exposure compensation, which is more useful to me.

The best thing so far, and what really sold me on this guy is the low-light capabilities.  On the low-light or indoor settings, it’s able to take a sharp picture with no camera shake.  Previously EVERY indoor picture I’ve posted on this blog required at least five shots, and a makeshift tripod to get a clear image.  No longer an issue.  These pictures were all taken inside tonight, after dark, with no flash and no tripod or balancing act to keep the camera steady.

Nothing fancy here, for sure.  But also note that none of the colors here were futzed with in iPhoto, which was also a necessity for our old camera to get in the ballpark of reality.  I also haven’t done any real tests with exposure settings yet, so I haven’t found the perfect balance.  But it can only get better from here.

I spared you all another crappy post last weekend full of underexposed iPhone photos because I knew this guy was on the way.  Come back this weekend for your regularly scheduled frustrating home improvements and half-assed decorating.


3 thoughts on “Canon S90

  1. I don’t think your decorating has been half-assed up to this point. Most people seem to appreciate your sense of humor and attention to detail while trying to adhere to a modest budget.

  2. Congrats on the camera! Nice photography. I am on the market again. My lens is great–just have a grain of sand in it….and it takes terrible indoor shots, though outside is awesome.


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