Long Shelf

Although the office has been coming along nicely, I’ve been struggling with this side of the room:

I decided a while back that some kind of file storage was a practical necessity, thus this new little filing cabinet.  It took a bit of hunting, but I found one for under $50 new.  The only drawback was that the handles were plastic and awful looking.  So the ones you see here are actually from Lowe’s cabinet hardware department.  It was a small personal goal of mine to transfer the paperwork of my life from a messy series of cardboard boxes into this very adult and orderly filing system.

With the practical storage aspect of this area out of the way, I was left with a really big, blank, grey wall.  I don’t have any art that would have been remotely appropriate to fill this big, horizontal space.  I thought about painting stripes or a pattern on this wall, but feared that it would still look kinda blank after all that trouble.

So I decided to repurpose an idea I used in the kitchen a few months ago: cheap shelf.  Cheap shelf revolves around the concept that wood + brackets = shelf.  And those two materials are very cheap.  I also recently saw a cheap shelf in this post that looks amazing unpainted against a black wall.

So for the office situation, I felt that black would be most appropriate.  So I got a 1″x8″ pre-primed plank, and had the Home Depot fella cut it to a 6′ length.  Then I just brought it home and spray painted a few coats of glossy black.  It took exactly one can of spray paint.

After it dried, we attached the brackets to the underside of the shelf.  Well, actually it sat here in the middle of the floor for a week while we put off doing it.  But when the motivation finally surfaced, it really took very little time to get it hung up on the wall.  The laser level certainly helped.

I took a cue from the afore mentioned Door Sixteen post to paint the steel brackets with the wall color so they’re less obvious.  It really made a huge difference in how finished it looks.

I’m very happy with what it’s done to this side of the room.  It adds height to the computer area and makes the puny Walmart desk look more significant.  The length of the shelf is roughly the same as the length of the file cabinet, desk and stool combined, so it looks neat and cohesive to me.

I have a few key items in mind that I’d like to get up and displayed on that shelf.  I have to get some accessorizing on.

To save space on the small desktop, I also found a way to get the cable modem and wireless router out of the way.  Over there on top of the filing cabinet, there’s a glorified cardboard box I got today from Target’s office supply section.  I cut a hole in the back and ran the wires through.  Out of sight, out of mind.

I’m getting very close to having the office all finished up. The to-do list is whittled down to just a side table for the chair area and some fun accessories to liven things up.  The hardest part right now is to get those things taken care of before mentally moving on to the next room.


5 thoughts on “Long Shelf

  1. The space looks much improved and the file box to house the computer stuff is a great idea. The level of organization is impressive.

  2. you are so clean and neat! where is all your junk and junk mail and stuff like that? I Feel like I get my house clean every week only for more stuff to pile up! how do you deal with it all?

  3. Oh, Kristen….it’s just elsewhere. Junk mail is piled up on the coffee table. Random jackets and clothes all over the couch. Guest room piled with junk. There’s a reason that I’m never posting pictures of thoooooooooose rooms 🙂

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