Long story short, I spray painted some sticks.  I’m pretty pleased with myself.  However, if you recognize how ridiculously mundane it is that I’m writing about it, you may want to click away now.

To fill up my new shelf, I wanted something that would bring the golden yellow color up from the rug.  I love this color and wanted to see it elsewhere in the room.  I also wanted something that would add a little height to the stuff up there.  So I found this big yellow urn thing for 50% off at Hobby Lobby.  Have you ever been to this store?  Everything seems to be 50% off all the time.

It still seemed a little empty, so I got to thinking about what I could put in it to add even more height.  I can’t seem to keep plants alive, and I refuse to have fake flowers or greenery around here.  I do like the idea of dried flowers, but they didn’t really feel appropriate in this big honkin’ urn.

Along with the piles and piles of leaves, we also have an abundance of loose sticks in our yard from all the trees.  I gathered some up today and attempted to make it look less like a pile of kindling by spray painting them black.  It’s a black satin finish just because I had a can hanging out in the basement.  It would probably look even less like kindling if you did them up in some fancy color.

Oooooo.  Ahhhhh.  Painted sticks.  Not terribly complex.  Yet, it makes a nice little filler for my new yellow vase.  And I like it.  So there.


3 thoughts on “Sticks

  1. I think it’s cool. They’ll never wilt or go bad, so you’ve got a lifelong, not fake, decoration. Though if you want you could change them out for some silk daisies come Springtime. Yes, I like silk flowers… sue me.
    Your office is looking great!

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