Completed Wall Unit

All of the painting is finally done, and our built-in wall unit is complete.  It amounted to one coat of primer and two coats of semi-gloss paint.  I’m not going to lie… the painting was not fun.  But damn, it looks good now.

Truthfully, the last coat of paint went on last Saturday, but I read that you shouldn’t load up a book case as soon as the paint dries.  They say that it takes latex paint several weeks to truly cure before you should put any weight on it, so we’ve only got some essentials in there now.  Although it’s been tempting to style this thing up, I’m waiting until after Christmas before any real quantity of books and miscellaneous crap goes up there.

The painting process was really very tedious considering that I was starting with raw wood.  I think the picture above was taken after the first coat of primer.  You can especially see on the back panels that it’s doesn’t have nice, even coverage at this point.  Although it doesn’t take up a lot of space, there are a ton of surfaces, and every inch of it needed 3 coats.

I thought that the easy part would be the small adjustable shelves on the side. They’re really just pieces of the 12×1″ board cut down to size.  So they could be laid out on the floor and gradually primed and painted.  This was working out fine, until I left them on the basement floor to dry out after their final coat.  I sort of forgot about them there after the weekend, and the following Tuesday we had a major monsoon-like rainstorm, and our basement basically flooded.  We’re used to getting water in the basement after a heavy rain, and I should have known better.

There’s no photo evidence of this ordeal because I was so seething mad at myself.  About half of the shelves needed to be sanded down and re-painted last weekend.

But after that setback, it was pretty much smooth sailing.  I’m really very happy with how it’s turned out, and I can’t wait to fill it up.  It already saves so much space since the footprint is so small.  Although we included runs for the cords to pass through, we still have some cord control issues to tackle.  But I don’t think it’s anything that a few baskets can’t fix.

The more daunting task at hand is how to handle the rest of the room.  I’m working on a plan of attack that starts with more paint.  Lots more paint.

First up will be the ceiling, which should be easy enough.  The ceiling in here is a mess.  It’s actually painted with two different shades of white, and there’s a ugly smoke mark above the fireplace.  In a perfect dream world, I’ll get that done next weekend.  In reality, perhaps by the new year.

I’m really waffling about how to paint the walls.  Based on paint can remnants in the basement, I believe the current color on the walls is Benjamin Moore Old Salem Gray, which really isn’t bad.  In fact, it was the least offensive wall color in the entire house when we moved in.

If anything I would want to go a little lighter.  It would still have to be neutral, but preferably less brown, and more gray-white.  I’m really pleased with the Glidden color I used in the dining room.  I’m wondering if I should just continue with it into the living room, since they’re adjacent.  My only reservation with that idea is that it’s kind of boring.  Classy, but boring.

I don’t know.  Grey/white/beige is boring too.  Eh, I don’t know.  I need some samples.  And maybe some advice.  What wall color is right for this room?  Help!



4 thoughts on “Completed Wall Unit

  1. I do think the colors might be considered a little boring, but if you decorate the living room as uniquely as you did in the dining room, it probably won’t matter. I think a muted greenish color might work. You could do that think where you paint one wall a diff color and keep the grey for the other walls…. is that lame?

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