Living Room Paint

I painted the ceiling!   Huzzah!

We burned a few test fires with the trial run painted patch, and it looked a-okay, so I went ahead and did it.  Overall, looks great.  It’s just flat white ceiling paint, but even that change makes the room much brighter.

One little issue was this crazy spot that just started bubbling up as the paint dried. It was completely smooth there before I started, so who the hell knows what went wrong.  It looks like we’ll have to do a plaster patch there like we did in the office ceiling.  Eventually…


Speaking of plaster patches, you may have noticed in a few other pictures of this room that there’s a big, bumpy rift in the wall over the fireplace.  We think it’s basically an issue of the old plaster walls settling over the years, but the stone chimney not settling with them.

It doesn’t particularly bother me since it sort of falls into that “gives it character” category.  But now Danny is talking about sanding the whole area down and re-plastering it.  This sounds kind of scary to me, and I don’t know if I approve.

In other news, I spent $10 on samples of three nearly identical paint colors.  You know, since I haven’t agonized enough over the perfect grey paint.











I’m feeling most confident about the one on the bottom, which is Benjamin Moore Sea Froth, although the one in the middle is a close second (Benjamin Moore Portland Grey).  I like Sea Froth because it’s warmer than the other two.  More brownish-grey.  The pictures above don’t necessarily read the real colors that well.  But on my monitor, the swatch picture below looks pretty true to the real color.

The bottom two in the lineup are Benjamin Moore colors, but I had them matched to Behr at Home Depot.  The only place to get Benjamin Moore paints around here is Ace Hardware, which isn’t super close to our house.  It doesn’t really matter though, because the best thing about Benjamin Moore is the color selection.  Any standard Home Depot or Lowes paint will do, and they’ll match the colors from anywhere. Remember the TV commercial where a guy takes in a basketball for the Lowes guy to match the color?

So what do you think?  Sea Froth?  Portland Grey?  Shut the hell up and pick one?  Yeah.


4 thoughts on “Living Room Paint

  1. LOL wow…
    I do think I like the bottom grey the best. None of them look super greigey to me(at least in the photo), though that one is the most.
    I’m sure any of them will look great because it’s basically just a background color for all the other awesome things you’ll do to spice up the room. right?

  2. The bottom color is good. The patching of the plaster is not a big deal, just a lot of work. The sanding makes a mess. If you are thinking of doing it, it is probably best to do it now so that the paint will match.

  3. Yeah, I vote the bottom, just cause it’s a little sunnier looking, but they all seem about the same.

    Maybe one day when I buy a house you will tell me what to do to make it look nice.

    How are them dogs?

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