Crown Molding, Painted

It’s taken almost a year, but I’m finally setting home improvement goals that are realistic to accomplish in a weekend.  This weekend’s task: paint the living room crown molding.

This picture shows the dozen or so shades of white currently present in my living room.  The walls are the recently added Toque White from Sherwin.  The ceiling is standard Behr flat ceiling white.  The fresh-looking crown is Valspar Ultra White semi-gloss (to match the built-in and the rest of the trim in the downstairs).  And the two doors and door frames are yellowed, old, dirty, peeling lead paint from god knows when.

With a few more weekends of small-scale sanding and painting tasks, the rest of the old yellow shit will be crisp, clean Ultra White.  I still have baseboards, two doors, two windows and a fireplace mantle to go.  I’m not going to touch the really yellow looking door in the pic above though, as I have my heart set on a sliding barn door to replace it.

We decided not to screw with the rift in the plaster behind the fireplace.  The idea of re-plastering a prominent living room wall had “disaster” written all over it.  I embrace the rift.  It will be with us forever.  I love the rift.

The neatly painted crown helps to bring out the wall color, and the room looks less white-on-white now.  In the office, I basically free-hand painted the crown, but in here I decided to tape it all off.  It took a little longer, but looks really nice and crisp.  And there were fewer mess-up-touch-ups to be done after the fact.

Painting this stuff really sucks, up and down the ladder constantly.  I bet installing crown molding is the worst.  I’ll count my blessings that it was already here when we moved in.


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