Tree Follies

Friday, February 25 marked our one year anniversary of closing on the house.  And to celebrate, this is what we woke up to:

Yep, that’s a giant chunk of maple tree collapsed on three sections of the fence.

Around 2 AM the night before, a huge windy rainstorm blew through.  I heard a crash loud enough to wake me up, but I didn’t think the damage would have been this massive.

You may notice in the picture above that there was another huge limb cut off of this tree recently.  That would be the incident last May, when a limb half-broke off and perched precariously on the roof of our screened porch.  Here’s a little memento of that $500 mishap:

Basically, we’re incredibly lucky that this tree hasn’t completely smashed up our house or garage yet, because it’s doomed.  And by doomed, I mean diseased.  We’re pretty sure that it’s rotting from the inside.  And although it still produced a full season of leaves last year, the bark is all black and yucky.

But to take a tree as big as this one down entirely would be VERY expensive.  My uninformed estimate would be at least $1,000.  I’m going to try to look into the insurance situation, and see if they’ll pay for it to come down as a preemptive strike against it falling and crushing the house.

The biggest bitch of this situation is that our fence was compromised, which means the dogs can’t be out in the back unattended.  So we had to at least get the tree out of the fence line this weekend and put up something temporary for animal captivity.

There was a chainsaw involved and it created a gigantic pile of brush.  But when the fellas actually get around to chopping up the big trunk, we’ll have a lot of firewood for next year.

We’re planning on putting up a wire fence around our garden this year, so we figured that we could buy a roll of that fencing early and use it temporarily to close the gap in the big fence for a while.  So at least for the time being, it’s dog safe.

I know we’re all supposed to love these big beautiful old trees.  But when they’re diseased and falling all over the place and causing property damage….I think it’s okay to hate them.


3 thoughts on “Tree Follies

  1. Sorry to hear! Where I’m from, there were a bunch of scam people going around and saying they’d do free tree assessments in your backyard, and they’d take you out back with them and tell you which trees are diseased and needed to go. meanwhile, their partner would go in your house and steal stuff! so, at least you didn’t get swindled that way and you KNOW your tree is crap. maybe groupon will do a tree clearing deal?

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