What I Did Instead of Painting Windows

There are just two windows and a little baseboard standing between me and living room paint completion.  Instead of knocking them out this weekend, I made several mental excuses and didn’t touch a paint brush or a hand sander.

When actively avoiding a task like this, I tend to be very productive in other arenas. Here is a list of happenings that validates my DIY procrastination:

  • Started crate training Schooner and took her to the vet
  • Made guacamole
  • Watched Freakonomics and Jesus Camp on Netflix
  • Got a haircut
  • Went to a party
  • Started 11 kinds of vegetable seeds
  • Played outside with the dogs in the 69 degree sunshine
  • E-filed my federal tax return
  • Made a danger pie*
  • Made calzones with homemade dough*

*Haven’t technically transpired yet, but will…I promise.

Only iphone photos available this week since my camera was kidnapped and taken to Georgia against its will.


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