No More Painting!

And with these two windows, the 4 month process of painting the living room is finally complete.  At last!  An end to boring painting posts!

In the first week of December, I started painting the built-in, which required two coats of primer and two coats of semi-gloss on every surface.  Then the ceiling. Then the walls… twice.  And then every bit of cracked, peeling, yellowed trim, basically done in four installments.  First came the crown moulding, then half of the baseboard and two door frames, then the fireplace, then these two windows and the rest of the baseboard.

What made the trim such a bitch to paint was that most of it was in very poor condition to start with.  The doors, windows, and fireplace all needed to be sanded down like hell before any paint would have done its job.  And when you have to sand, you also have to pick up after all of the mess and get rid of all of the dust before you can even get out the paint brush.

And let’s be 100% honest.  It’s not perfect.

Upon closer inspection, it’s still painfully obvious that these are old windows and old walls that have seen better days.  In fact, these two windows have been painted shut for what seems like many many years.  As much as I’d like to restore them to their original glory with painstaking hard labor, it would probably be more realistic to replace them with more energy efficient models some day.  And unfortunately, that’s a super expensive proposition.

So for now, at least they’ve got a fresh coat of ultra white, and all of the living room trim is matchy-matchy-happy-happy.

Now I just have to wait patiently for the sectional sofa to arrive, then I can start the fun part.  After months of basically white-washing this room, I’m pretty excited to give it some personality.


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