Now that I’ve turned our living room into a perfect white box, patiently awaiting a big grey sofa, it’s high time to add some flair.  But I think I may have sort of a warped definition of “flair.”

Yeah, so I put a bird on it.  Kill me.

This past rainy weekend we made an outing to the Dutch Valley antique mall.  In the midst of all of butter churns and 1980’s novelty drinking glasses, I made a few finds.

This wooden bird was $7, and it’s actually pretty sweet.   I originally thought about painting it a flashy color.  But now I kind of like the homespun scratched-up wood finish on his distended midsection.

I also picked up this rack of antlers for $12.  I didn’t notice until I got in the car that one of the nubs was broken off.  I was blinded by the irrational excitement of buying some affordable antlers.

They look kinda lonely up there on the mantle.  We’ll see where they end up.

I don’t want to go out and buy too much crap until the sofa comes in next week. I’m mostly holding off on rugs and window panels until I can see what the room looks like with a new giant piece of furniture.  I CAN’T WAIT until this sofa comes. Seriously, six weeks?  I’ve never paid for something that far in advance before in my life.

Oh, and there just might be an adventure to an IKEA in my near future.  That’s right, the happiest place on earth when you’ve been deprived of one for the past three years.  What flat-packed goodies will I come back with this time?


3 thoughts on “Accessorize.

  1. ” I’ve never paid for something that far in advance before in my life.” surely that’s not true… plane tickets… your education? Though I agree six weeks is a really long time to wait for something TANGIBLE (and let’s not forget, grey!)…
    I am really excited for you to get this couch. Almost as excited as if it were my own, which is pretty sad.

    Also, I love that you bought those funky treasures. It’s people like us who are proving my dad right in selling his old junk at flea markets and making over $3,000 in just a few weekends! Those $7 birds and $12 antlers add up for someone like my dad who collected weird stuff like that for 60 years and is now deciding to part with it all.
    I also consider it one of the best forms of recycling. There’s a local commercial out here for an antique store that is like “Go Green! Buy Antiques!” which is a bit of a stretch, IMO, but all in all pretty true.

  2. Okay, Praz…I’ll give you plane tickets and education. And maybe car insurance?

    Tell your dad to keep selling off his old junk. People like me will be happy to pay twice what it’s worth!

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