Spring Seedlings

The weather was magical in Knoxville this weekend.  Record high temps, making April feel more like June.  It was super awesome.

It was hard to do anything more than do some porch-sitting and enjoy it.  I managed to clean up the entire front flower bed.  Now that five buckets full of weeds are gone, you can actually see the tulips that I planted bulbs for back in the fall.

The perfect weather also gave my little vegetable seedlings a chance to come outside for the day.  The squash and okra are doing awesome.  The herbs will probably do well too.  But I’m skeptical of the tomato seedlings.  I think they got “stretched” and they’re too tall to support much growth on their spindly little stalks.

We’re planning on getting them into the ground in about two weeks.  Once the last chance of frost has passed.  On 85 degree days, it’s pretty hard to imagine another frost, but the springtime is pretty erratic down here.  You never know.

Until then, cheers to the blue skies!


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