Starting the Herb Garden

I decided that this year I would only plant herbs in containers on the deck.  It’s more practical because it’s closer to the kitchen.  And since they’re smaller plants, they’re less likely to be eaten by varmints or overrun with weeds up there than in the ground.  So today I gave it a start.

I actually planted the large half barrel planter two weeks ago with rainbow swiss chard seeds.  The chard seeds I started inside were looking weak, and there were a bunch more in the seed packet, so I just threw them in there, and they started sprouting within a week.  After some harsh rainstorms, they look pretty strong.

I like how you can already tell some of the stems will be red, yellow or white.  Chard is my #1 fave green.  It’s delicious and versatile.  And I can trick Danny into thinking it’s spinach (one of the 4 vegetables he’ll eat).

In these three, I just planted some new seeds of italian parsley, basil and cilantro.

But back in March, I started a few seeds of each of those herbs indoors.  They took a while to sprout up inside, but this past week they started looking pretty good.  So I put dill, cilantro, parsley, and basil seedlings into these neat little window box planters I mounted to the deck railing.

I’m hoping they look impressive when fresh herbs are spilling out of them in a few months.  For now they’re just adding a nice frame to my gratuitous puppy photos.

I also gave the ol’ college try on this overgrown garden bed in the back.  We didn’t touch it last year, resulting in this:

After about an hour and a half of backbreaking labor like last year’s bed clean-out, I got about two thirds of it weed-free and tilled up.

Why didn’t I just suck it up and do the whole thing?  Because it’s nice out, and I wanted to sit in the sun and drink a beer.

I’m planning on planting green beans and sugar snap peas in here, per the definitive garden plan ’11.  So I better get on it.  Some people are telling me that sugar snaps should have been in the ground back in February.  But I also think a lot of people jump the gun on their planting.  I have zero experience in growing sugar snap peas, so lets hope my arrogant optimism is right.


3 thoughts on “Starting the Herb Garden

  1. Amy, I have to tell you that you think like your maternal great-grandfather when it comes time to start planting. In the fifties, and probably long before that, he planted a huge garden, and he was always the last one in the neighborhood to get going. I once asked him why, and he said not to worry, it always comes up, and he doesn’t have to think about frost like everybody else!

  2. Congrats on the new couch Amy! You are such a domestic diva. I am so impressed with all the progress you made.

    My household has fallen into a big messy pit….I haven’t figured out how to work tons of hours and do housework and home improvements.

    What’s your secret???

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