Sectional Sofa, In Reality

At 10:33 yesterday morning, the Bliss Home truck pulled up the driveway (only 3 minutes past my scheduled delivery time).  They had my long-awaited sectional sofa in tow.

Long story short:

It rocks my world.

It’s everything I dreamed it would be.

Upholstery: beautiful.  Having judged only an 8″x24″ swatch, I was apprehensive that it wouldn’t play out the way I thought it would on a larger scale.  It’s a rich charcoal grey, more black at night and more grey during the daylight.  Definitely neutral to accommodate changing decor around it, but still bold enough that it doesn’t sink into the background.

Comfort: top notch.  It’s just right.  Not too squishy where you can’t sit up straight, but not rigid so you can’t relax.  The spot in the corner, where your back is to the wall with the window and you’re facing the TV is the most comfortable television watching position I’ve ever experienced.

Size/Scale: Exactly what I imagined.  It takes a solid place in the room without overpowering it.  It adds extra practical seating without cluttering up the place with a bunch of separate pieces.  And it allows for two people to comfortably lounge with their feet up without even touching (if they don’t want to, that is).

Besides the 8-week anticipation of a major purchase to arrive, I was also waiting for this to be in place before making other decisions about the decor.

Now I feel much more confident about deciding on a rug (size and color), as well as the table situation.  This picture shows how out of place our long, rectangular coffee table looks with a square corner couch (excuse all the junk piled on the lower level of it):

A round table in the center would be nice.  I’m dreaming of this one from CB2, but I don’t know if 300 bucks is in the cards.  Even a smaller square one would do.  What about the big-ottoman-as-coffee-table thing?    I never really liked that idea…but maybe?

Rug wise, I’m thinking of going smaller with the one that would be under the coffee table.  It’s a pretty small area.  Our old, dirty, cheap one is all off-kilter in these pics.  But placed more thoughtfully, it’s only 5’x7′ and seems like an adequate size for the area.

I would love a white shag rug here.  But I feel like black dog + white shag = freakin’ nasty all the time.

So what happened to the old couch?

Well, Bliss scheduled the delivery about a week in advance.  So last Wednesday, when I confirmed the new one was on the way for realz, I posted the old one for $50 on Craigslist.  I got a few interested calls/emails over the first three days.  But no takers.

On Sunday morning I started panicking that I couldn’t get rid of it, and in a few days I would have two sofas on my hands.  So I posted it (with a picture) to the “free” section on Craigslist at 8:54 AM.  My phone rang off the hook for the next hour and it was physically out of our house by 10:10 that same morning.

Although I would have liked to get $50 out of it, I was glad to have it gone — gone to another home, and not to the dump.  The guy who took it looked like he really needed a free couch.  That late-model Dodge Caravan he pulled into the driveway fit the whole couch comfortably.  I’d like to think that he was taking it back to his house, but it’s entirely possible that the van was the house.


6 thoughts on “Sectional Sofa, In Reality

  1. I know that a lot of people troll (the only appropriate word when talking about craigslist) craigslist free section for stuff, drive around picking it up, then sell it off at flea markets, consignment shops, or in the ‘for sale’ section on CL. Either way, your new couch is way awesome! Congrats. I don’t think the coffee table looks that weird, but it is a little big. What about the wall behind the couch. what’s going up there?

  2. That is a big, blank wall isn’t it? I actually have no clue yet what I’m going to put up there. Some antlers will be involved, I’ll tell you that for certain.

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