Living Room Windows

After much deliberation, this is what we’ve landed on for the windows in the living room.

What made it a tough decision was that it wasn’t necessary to put anything on these windows.  When we moved in, the previous owners left their white wooden blinds on all of the downstairs windows.  So the privacy issue was solved from the start.

The other issue that I struggled with was the front window next to the fireplace. Since there isn’t much blank wall on either side of it, I couldn’t do the type of large panels that I was planning for the other window.  So the two were never going to get the same treatment.  I briefly considered doing some kind of valence in the same fabric on the smaller window, but decided against it on the grounds of matchy-matchy.  I briefly considered a lot of things, looked at a LOT of pictures, and still didn’t know what the hell I wanted.

To try and concentrate on the main window, I got several samples from  This Amy Butler number was the front-runner for the panels at $14.98/yd.

But I wasn’t entirely sold on it, and $15/yd is pretty expensive since I’d need six yards.

But all of my problems were solved a few weeks ago when I journeyed to IKEA in Atlanta and found a kinda-similar light blue printed fabric for just $7/yd and a cheapie-cheap white sheer curtain for just $5.

This weekend my parents came down to Knoxville from the still-wintery depths of Pennsylvania to offer up some free labor and an Easter ham.

My mom brought along her sewing machine to whip up these panels.  We basically just ironed in a hem all the way around each rectangle panel, and then zipped up each side with the most basic sewing machine stitch.

It took all of about 2 hours from start to finish, including getting the rod up.  We could have just as easily used the new-sew method we used in the dining room, but this was easy too, and will be more durable for an area of the house that gets more use.

I’m pretty psyched with the way they turned out.  Just enough color and pattern without being overpowering.  As always, hanging them high and wide makes the window look larger and more significant on the wall.

And playing down the front window with the sheer panel was definitely the right choice.  It doesn’t block any light, and doesn’t try to compete with the other window.

After an antique drapery hook tragedy, we went the more basic route to secure the panel off to the side.  This is just a little cup hook screwed into the wall, and a piece of white ribbon (leftover from the kitchen window) tied in a circle around the curtain and tucked into the hook.

With this and the new sofa added in the past week, this room is really coming together for real now.  I still have to make a few more key purchases, and get creative with filling the big empty wall.

But we’re on our way, folks.


One thought on “Living Room Windows

  1. I like those curtains. I seem to be cursed with apartments that already have vertical blinds/louvers installed that can’t be removed (or face huge deposit penalties). I love curtains so much more.
    PS whenever i see your blog name (esp with your new? logo) I always think: ESCAPE FROM BURGER KING!

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