Art on the Wall

Now that the new sofa is in place, and the curtains are hung, that huge expanse of blank wall is looking a little lonely.

I would like to do a collection of smaller framed items, versus one or two larger pieces.  This is mostly because I have NO real art.  And I have a serious fear of commitment when it comes to expensive purchases and artwork that I’ll need to look at all day everyday.

A nice collection of frames would give me the chance to switch things out over time; add, subtract, and replace if necessary.  Now the question is, what to start with?

I’ve spent the day monkeying around with photoshop actions, trying to make a few of our snapshots more wall-worthy.  When I got 8×10 prints of the travel shots for our dining room, I have since regretted not “enhancing” the images before having them printed.  Most of our travel pictures were taken with a marginal (but trusty!) late-model Nikon Power Shot point and shoot.  They’re not bad, but they’re not beautiful.  They can use a little help in post.

I saw this picture on 20×200:

It struck me as really unique to have a circular frame around a landscape.  But figured that I could do that myself with any of our pictures too.  I have to admit that my photoshop skills were so feeble that it took me an hour to figure out how, but I got it.

I’m also considering making a few purchases of prints I’ve been eyeing for a while on Etsy.  I like buying from Etsy sellers to support independent artists and crafters.  And these two are really very lovely.

Coming Up For Air, Samantha French

From Samantha French

Red Fox, Becca Stadtlander

From Becca Stadtlander

I know that an art collection is supposed to grow over time, with travel and with changing tastes.  But considering that I am essentially starting from scratch here, I think it’s time to buy a few key pieces that strike my interest initially.

I love these two because they’re unique.  They’re something I could certainly not recreate on my own.  And I think their vibrant colors would add a lot of interest to my as-yet very neutral room.  What do you think?

P.S., I’ve been keeping a running list of things that I like for the living room on Pintrest.  For people like me that are constantly seeing things online that I like/covet/want to remember, it’s a really easy way to collect links and view them all in one place.  I think It’s just the best.


2 thoughts on “Art on the Wall

  1. ours is ever changing as well. we have a few bigger pieces we got on the cheap that can always be moved around/thrown out when our tastes change. I like smaller framed pics and prints, too. one of my favs my BFF got me from a street artist and it is a painting of the last scene of dirty dancing. I also bought a digital cartoon print of me & john from a seller on etsy, and had it printed framed. I like framing silly things too. john little sister (she’s 19 now) once colored in an ice cream cone with weird colors and then wrote ACID on top. It made us chuckle so we framed it.
    I think your wall will look great with those prints and whatever else you decide to do. You have a lot of wall to work witH!

  2. I love Etsy for buying art, I’ve bought some nice photos and prints there. I think I’ve accumulated more art than your average person my age, since my mom is an artist and invariably I end up with a lot of her pieces… I also have a bunch of Amy Wilson’s work (, I just love her hand-stitched/drawing combinations…

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