Massive Mirror

I wanted a mirror for over the mantle.  A big one.  For cheap.  So I went here:

This place is a bizarre wonderland of home furnishings.  It’s a messy warehouse, and I’m never sure what I’ll find.  It’s really close to my gym, Lowe’s and Home Depot, so I stop here a lot on impulse.  Every time I go in I always gawk at the low prices on two particular items: cowhide rugs and huge mirrors.

Come here, cowhides.  I love you.

They sell them for $150, which is even way cheaper than the IKEA price (usually $250).  I would totally get one of these white/tan hides for around the new sectional. But I’m afraid that my dogs will think its alive and pee on it.  Is that a legitimate concern?

And the prices on these mirrors are suspiciously low.  It’s a little hard to tell the size in this phone pic, but this is a floor to ceiling height, at least 4’x6′, beveled edge mirror.  And they’re selling it for $166.

WTF?  Why is this so cheap?

I figured I’d get in on this deal before they stop “falling out” of the back of some truck.  You have to look closely through all of the shit in this place because it’s such a mess, and about a third of the merchandise is dented, scratched, or straight-up broken.

In between these stacks I found a 40″x30″ mirror, with a 5″ silver-ish frame.

A stinky fat guy who worked there helped me get an undamaged one out from a box.  Then a more pleasant employee helped me to the register and out to my car with it.  With tax and everything, this bad boy was only $86.

It’s pretty close to impossible to actually mount something heavy to this wall because it’s old cracking plaster backed with a brick chimney.  So the plan was to just rest it on the mantle on a slight angle.

I’m not crazy about the fact that it’s mostly reflecting the ceiling.  Like you have to walk right up to it to even see the top of your head.  Too bad we’re not taller, I guess.

I briefly considered some kind of velcro scenario where we could tip it back to be flush with the wall without worry of it toppling over.  But the difference in angle was so slight that it wouldn’t have been worth the trouble.  Even flush with the wall, you’d still have to walk up real close to see your reflection.  I guess it’s just about how high the mantle is.  And from certain angles it does reflect the window, curtains and the built-in.

Don’t get me wrong, overall I’m really pleased with it.  It adds some necessary height and weight to that side of the room.  And it makes the room feel a bit bigger, as mirrors usually do.

I know I’ll be futzing with the doodads on either side of it for a while.  I want something taller for the left side to further obscure the big crack in the wall.

Did you notice the other new addition?  There’s a big ol’ honkin’ plant in the corner. I don’t know what kind it is, but the tag said it was good for low light and “resilient” enough to withstand lazy owners.  I like it a lot, and the SK brand ceramic planter was on clearance at Lowes for $7.49.  Score.  Let’s hope I don’t kill another one.


3 thoughts on “Massive Mirror

  1. My mother-in-law had a similar situation with a mirror above a mantle. They screwed eye hooks into the top of the mirror frame at several places, and on the wall, in opposite points from the eye hooks, there were cup hooks; in between, they used small link chains to hold the mirror at a slight tilt. I don’t know how heavy your mirror is, or how much weight the wall could support, but it’s a possible solution.

  2. I recently bought a peace lily because my mom told me they’re pretty tough… within hours half the leaves had wilted and turned BLACK… I tried reviving but i ended up having to clip a bunch of the leaves. it looks ok. I like your mirror but the leaning issue would bug me. then again we live in an earthquake zone and stuff like that doesn’t fly!

  3. I think it is a snake plant which can last for many years with very little attention.
    It is probably best to live with the mirror as it is. You may do more harm to the delicate plaster trying to secure it.

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