Backyard Tree Massacre

On Sunday, as I was happily beautifying my garden, I was hit with the unfortunate news that our next-door neighbors were having a huge tree taken down very close to our property line. Their property, their choice…but that tree did a good job of obstructing the view of their dumpy backyard.

Here’s the best “before all this happened” shot I can find from the past.

Of course, that shot was taken last fall, but you get the idea.  Our large sugar maple is just to the left of the garage, and the neighbors’ big tree is just past the fence line. You’ll have to use your imagination to understand that when there’s leaves on these trees, they form a dense canopy that covers most of both backyards and create a lot of privacy between the two yards.

You might also remember that this sugar maple is the same one that has dropped two major branches in the 15 months that we’ve lived here.  The first was last may, when a large branch fell in a storm and was balanced precariously against the house. The second was this February, when a ever larger limb crashed down in the middle of the night and crushed two sections of our fence (which we still haven’t repaired).

These two incidents, coupled with the neighbor’s tree coming down left it looking like this.

You might notice that now our obscured view of the neighbor’s shitty yard is shot anyway, and the maple is completely leaning towards our poor old garage.  With all of the violent storms we’ve had here this spring, we keep coming home hoping that this damn thing hasn’t fallen and decimated our outbuilding.

So Danny swung a deal with the good ol’ boys doing the tree work next door to take this thing down.  $700 to take it down and leave the big pieces for us to use as firewood.  That’s a good deal considering the tree service that took down the ONE branch last year robbed me for $500.

I think it’s safe to say that we’ll have firewood for a while.

I’m sad.  I got choked up when I got home today and saw the carnage.  Which is pointless, because it’s not like we can call them and tell them to put it back.

But it’s shocking, and completely changes the way our backyard looks and feels.  With less shade it doesn’t feel like an oasis anymore.  And I keep thinking about how much work it will be to clean up all these remnants and actually stack them to cure for firewood.

I know the tree was a hazard, and I’d much rather less shade than a busted up garage, but I’m still sad.  Why?!  Why do we have to destroy our old trees?  I’m entitled to pout for a while, especially being $700 poorer over it.

Here’s that same view of the garage now.  Full view of the shitty neighbor houses and a giant stump giving me the finger over the fence.  (Ol’ boy is supposedly taking that down tomorrow, but I’ll believe it when I see it.)

It brings up some serious fugly issues with that side of the yard.  When it was nice and shady, no grass really grew there, and you barely noticed the tufts of weeds growing.  Now they’re in full sun, growing by the minute.  It also exposes what a piece of shisse this old garage really is, rotted wood and covered in mildew.

Enough bitching.  Here’s some good things about the tree events that have transpired this week:

  • It lets more light in through the dining room and office windows.
  • It should decrease our heating bill this winter because more sunlight will hit the structure.
  • We will actually have grass on this side of the yard.
  • The sunrise will be more visible.
  • We can plant pretty things on this side of the yard because they’ll actually get sun.
  • Our house and garage will not be damaged during a storm (at least by this particular tree).
  • I won’t spend any more goddamn money cleaning up fallen branches (at least from this particular tree).

5 thoughts on “Backyard Tree Massacre

  1. It’s not too bad! maybe you can plant a really large bush? I mean, can you buy those pre-grown and plant them? or do they have to start from a small plant?

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