Carpet Tiles in the Entry

We don’t have a “foyer”.

We have a front door that opens into the living room.  And the main thoroughfare of our house crosses squarely between the sitting area and the television.  It’s kind of an awkward formation we’ve created, but oddly enough it works.  I just have to ask permission to cross when a shoot-em-up video game is in progress.

We also have wood floors.  Old ass junky wood floors.  A resourceful person would probably make some effort to refinish the old floors or at least try to clean them.

Or you could take the easy route and cover them up!

I browsed for a runner rug, but it would still have to be coupled with a door mat to wipe dirty feet on.  Then those wise people at FLOR started sending me catalogs. Lovely, lovely catalogs.

So I got hooked on the idea of a custom sized rug that would serve as both a runner across the high traffic area from the stair doorway to the back of the house.  For the utility of a high-traffic rug, I was set on the House Pet line.  It’s vacuum-able and if the tiles by the door get worn out quicker, I can just replace them.  (It’s one of FLOR’s best-sellers, so I’m hoping it’s unlikely that they discontinue.)

I plotted out the layout with squares of newspaper, excitable dogs watching on.

And to the tune of $8, I bought a few samples to help choose colors.  The lightest one is “Hamster”, and clockwise from there we’ve got “Chameleon,” “Gerbil,” “Guppy,” and “Black Cat.”  Get it?  House Pet.

After the same kind of deliberation previously reserved for paint color, I went with a base color of Guppy, a heather dark blue, and Hamster for the accent triangles.

Accent triangles?  WTF are you talking about?

Well, a few weeks ago I happened upon this beauty:

And I loved it.  And I needed triangles in my carpet too.

So I ordered 17 House Pet tiles in Guppy, and two in Hamster.  And after many, many different configurations, I’ve settled on this:

Only you have to pretend that the ugly little door to the upstairs is a beautiful rustic sliding barn door.  Just picture that with me.

I’m pretty happy with it right now.  And if I get sick of where the triangles are, I can just move them.  The FLOR tiles come with these little stickers you put on the bottom to secure them together.  But they’re certainly not permanently bonded.

The texture is soft on the bare feet (or at least softer than our jute dining room rug).  And it seems very durable, and totally ready to hide all our filthy dirt.

By the way, I made Danny do all the cutting with a $7 carpet knife from Lowes. Same thing as the one FLOR sells for $12.  Suckahs.  No, but they were pretty easy to cut either way.  You could probably do it with a regular utility knife.

Here’s a view of it from the upstairs.   This one particularly highlights the piss poor conditions of our wood floors, thus why I was so eager to cover them up.

I would like to kind of tie it all together with a new proper area rug for around the sofa.  I’m looking for something that matches the color of the light triangles, Hamster, if you will.  Basically off-white-beige, but textured to some degree to add interest.  Oh also, cheap.  Has to be cheap.

The carpet tiles ran me $270.  Which is a little steep I think.  They suckered me in with those damn catalogs.  But it does fit just right, and very adjustable and adaptable if I ever wanted to move some or all of it.

Overall, it’s a good thing.


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