After three weekends in a row of chopping, hauling and stacking wood from the tree, I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed.  There’s still a lot more work to do, and more than anything it’s derailed my progress on other house projects.

So I’ve taken a cue from the work life, and made a list.  Whenever you get overwhelmed, just stop for two minutes and make a list, put it in order of urgency, then just do it.  If it works there, it’ll work at home, right?

Well, this list started getting a little long.  It’s realistically a very long-term to-do list, (very roughly) listed in order of priority.  It could easily be 5 years before we get to many of these items, especially all that upstairs crap.

But I thought by sharing it here, it could create some vague pressure to actually do these things.  And it’s going to feel effin’ AWESEOME to cross things off.  It always does.


  • Remove all tree logs, limbs, and branches
  • Repair broken fence panels
  • Plant 4-6 Leyland Cypress trees along fence to replace privacy of tree
  • Trim dogwood limbs in front yard
  • Install new mailbox
  • Plant long bed across side yard fence line
  • Re-screen porch
  • Tear down old deck and build kickass new one
  • Paint front stoop

Living Room:

  • Locate or build barn door and install on sliding track
  • Buy light colored area rug
  • Buy more appropriate coffee table
  • Hang art wall behind sofa
  • DIY art for frame on top shelf of built-in
  • Macrame hanging planter for corner


  • Remove crappy baseboards, marble shelf, mirror, light fixture
  • Sand down all trim and walls
  • Remove rusty shower curtain rod
  • Paint uppers and ceiling w/ Kilz primer, then off-white paint
  • Paint lowers in peacock blue
  • Cut and install new baseboards
  • Paint all trim
  • Install new shower curtain rod at ceiling height
  • Buy and install new mirror
  • Buy and install new shelf
  • Buy and install new light fixture
  • Buy extra-long shower curtain and liner


  • Paint all trim and backs of doors
  • Paint walls w/ Glidden Inverness (need additional quart)
  • Have 2×12”s cut to length at Home Depot for additional closet shelves
  • Buy small trashcan/canister for dog food
  • Buy short runner rug
  • Hang small stuff on the open wall

Guest Room:

  • Paint all surfaces (walls need primer)
  • Re-arrange furniture
  • DIY upholstered headboard
  • Buy cheap metal bed frame to get boxs pring off of the floor
  • Buy 3-drawer dresser
  • Buy and install new light fixture
  • Buy 2 nightstands or side tables
  • Buy 1 table lamp
  • Buy and install new curtain rods
  • Buy/make curtain panels
  • Buy new duvet or quilt, other linens
  • Accessorize.
  • Organize closet and utilize dresser drawers


  • Paint all surfaces
  • Buy and install new light fixture
  • Have new carpet installed
  • Re-attach existing hand rail

Master Bedroom:

  • Paint uppers off white
  • Paint lowers navy blue
  • Have new carpet installed
  • DIY headboard of some kind
  • Buy 2 dressers
  • Buy 2 lamps
  • Install long shelves to serve as night stands
  • Buy and install new curtain rod
  • Buy/make curtain panels
  • Buy new duvet or quilt, other linens
  • Seriously organize walk-in closet to utilize space and store small items
  • Accessorize.

Master Bathroom:

  • Build shower stall and remove tub (professional plumbing)
  • Build built-in cabinetry to fill empty wall
  • Replace vanity with pedestal sink
  • Tile floor
  • Paint all surfaces (walls and trim will all need primer)

Dining Room:

  • Buy long credenza or buffet to replace kitchen cart
  • Buy more attractive garbage/recycling can solution


  • Repaint trim (when Schooner gets older/lazier)
  • Have gas line run into kitchen
  • Buy new gas range
  • Buy and install new countertops
  • Buy and install a white subway tile backsplash
  • Buy and install new sink and faucet

Nothing!  (Unless it needs to turn into some other sort of room in the future.)




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