Art Wall

Over the last few months I’ve been collecting a few pieces to hang as a collection on the big blank wall in the living room.  The main delay was my hemming and hawing over the cost of framing.  But over the course of a few weeks I found a few half-off deals and finally got my ass in gear.

[Forgive the photos in this post, there’s an incredible amount of glare on the frames during the time of day it’s bright enough to photograph.]

I’m pleased with how it turned out.  There are enough pieces to make it look like a thoughtfully collected group, but not too many to clutter the entire wall.  I’m a fan of the variety of different frames.  No matchy-matchy allowed!

The two biggest pieces that anchor the setup are 11×14 prints from our travels a few years ago.  The vertical one in the upper right is a pic of me in Derry, Northern Ireland.  And the horizontal one in the lower left is Danny in Rothenberg, Germany. They’ve always been favorites of ours, and it’s nice to finally have them on display.

The two smaller prints in the middle are from artists that I found on Etsy.  I mentioned the fox print a few months back, and bought it shortly thereafter.  I love the colors and Becca Stadtlander’s other work is beautiful.  The feathers print comes from someone I found more recently, Danna Ray.  Her shop is also filled with paintings and illustrations that I love.

Frame-wise, I guess I made out alright.  I found the two large frames on a half-price sale, about $50 for two 16×20 frames and white pre-cut mattes.  The fox is in a $10 frame/matte from Target.  I had to get a custom matte cut for the feathers print because of it’s non-standard size, but it was only $6, plus I found another half-price cheapie frame for just $5 (go Hobby Lobby, go).

I also mentioned this circle photo concept in my post back in May.  After flexing my remedial photoshop muscles, I finally figured out how to make a circular frame to crop my landscape image.  The photo was taken in Cades Cove on our very first trip to Knoxville.  I think it’s a neat little way to add some interest to display an otherwise run-of-the-mill landscape photo.

The more rustic frame I got for this one is cool, but it’s actually a table top frame so it has the little stand thing on the back.  It’s bugging me already, and I might need to perform some surgery to remove it.

Oh and those antlers.  I freakin’ love them.  Is that so wrong?  So happy to finally have them up and not lying around the house awkwardly since March.  Danny’s mad about them because he thinks everyone is going to assume it was his idea.  But I’ll proudly defend their honor if anyone dares question my level of taste.

Just a few more finishing touches to go, and the living room will finally be done.

Although I’m not sure building and installing a sliding barn door counts as a “finishing touch”…


4 thoughts on “Art Wall

  1. It looks great! our idea of art are the large canvas prints we’ve gotten half off at Urban, mixed with a couple prints from etsy and way too many photos/canvases of ourselves.

    Groupon has recently been letting some decent canvas deals go, so we have one canvas on the way with another gift certificate waiting to be used. Once we can agree on an image we like. is where we’ve done business, if you find yourself wanting a print on canvas in the future.

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