Gratuitous Table Pictures

As promised, here are some beauty shots of the table in place in the living room. I’m pretty much in love with it.  And in love with myself for building it this past weekend.

I like how it almost floats on the light colored rug.  Since the grey sofa is such a dark spot in the room, it’s nice to have the central area opened up a bit.

You might also be noticing how tall it is in relation to the seat of the sofa.  This was intentional because of a dirty little secret we have.  Even though I cook dinner at home every night, 99% of the time we eat it in front of the TV.  Judge me if you will, but it’s just how we do.

When I was browsing so many pretty (and expensive) coffee tables, every time I checked the dimensions I was surprised at how low they were.  I was briefly in love with this beauty from CB2, but soon realized it was only 12″ tall.  Seriously?  The only way to eat dinner on that is to sit on the floor.

So since this was a custom-made deal, I opted for a leg height of 18″ plus about 1.5″ for the top.  I know its out of the ordinary, but it still doesn’t look like “what’s that kitchen table doing in there?”

The tones of the wood stain kick ass.  Dark walnut was definitely the way to go.

You’ll have to just imagine a huge, beautiful sliding wood door in that photo instead of the yellowed old one with an air vent in the bottom panel.  Someday, people, someday.

Methinks a success.  How ’bout you?

A blow by blow account of building the table is here.


9 thoughts on “Gratuitous Table Pictures

  1. Seriously, you designed/ built these signature items with the table and the built in; check you out!!! Damn impressive design here!!!!

  2. Just found your blog after searching for hairpin table legs. Really nice job. Love the style of your home. My wife and I are somewhat in the same boat – moved out of Sunnyside, Queens in 2009 to Vermont. Been a somewhat tough transition, but overall a great move. We amuse ourselves by selling vintage specs at and blogging at And I think we have the same rocker as you – urban outfitters? 🙂 Anyway, just wanted to say hello and that I enjoyed your blog. Take care.

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