Guest Bedroom Planning

This summer I’ve broken my one-room-at-a-time rule.  Although there are a few more things I’d like to do in the living room before I’ll call it “done”, I’ve started working on our downstairs guest bedroom.

In August my parents came to visit with paint brushes and bourbon in tow.  We painted all day and had celebratory drinks at night.  It was a bit of a flashback to last summer when they came down to help with painting the office just across the hall.

I even chose to use the same color in the guest room, Martha Stewart “Heavy Goose”.  Dumb name, nice color.  It’s a neutral grey that looks more blue in the daylight and warmer beige under artificial light.

So yay!  The hardest part is already done and it looks great.  Let’s not talk about the poo brown walls that were here before.

Notice that sweet rug???  It’s the cowhide I got for $99 on our trip to South Dakota! It’s luxurious and I’m in love with it.  Still working on positioning it.  I’ve nudged it around 4 times today already.

As always though, there’s a hell of a lot more to do.  My to-do’s for this room haven’t changed a whole lot from the obsessive compulsive house-wide list I made back in June.

  • Paint all surfaces (walls need primer)
  • Re-arrange furniture
  • DIY upholstered headboard
  • Buy cheap metal bed frame to get box spring off of the floor
  • Buy 3-drawer dresser
  • Buy and install new light fixture
  • Buy 2 nightstands or side tables
  • Buy 1 table lamp
  • Buy and install new curtain rods
  • Buy/make curtain panels **IN PROGRESS!
  • Buy new duvet or quilt, other linens **IN PROGRESS!
  • Accessorize.
  • Organize closet and utilize dresser drawers
This list seems way more manageable and less expensive than for other rooms in our house.  And I have some fun ideas brewing.  It’s a total blank slate in here right now.

The other motivating factor in working on this room is that we’ve actually been sleeping down here for the last two months.  Our second floor doesn’t get good circulation from the central A/C, so we need to run a window unit to keep it tolerable in the summer heat.  It seemed wasteful to run the window unit all summer when we have a perfectly good queen sized bed downstairs in the throes of central air.  So spending our nights down here has lit a fire under me to get this room in gear.

Next up, more DIY curtain panels.  It’s…um…an experiment.  I’ll tell you about it later. Right now I have to go and dispose of 4 gallons of Rit dye.


3 thoughts on “Guest Bedroom Planning

  1. It looks great. Having the rug in that room, with it’s visibility from the hallway, will allow you to enjoy it without putting too much wear and tear on it.

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