New York and New Sheets

Last weekend I was in New York City for the first time in over three years since we moved away in 2008.  The trip was for work, but I got there a few days early to spend some extra time with old pals.



I stayed in the posh Maritime Hotel which I could only afford on the company dime. God, I love luxury hotels.  This one was super cool too, and it had a fantastic restaurant downstairs.  I can confidently say that the only thing I miss about New York is the food, namely pizza and bagels, both of which I enjoyed thoroughly during my visit.

And although I enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new co-workers in person, this visit reminded me why I left.  It all felt like a dream.  Did I really used to do this everyday?  How could I have possibly lived here for three years?

The first time I was back on a subway train, I could feel my blood pressure rising. Despite the outrageous wealth of Manhattan, life for ordinary people there is squalid. People are all up in your bubble everywhere.  The commutes are ungodly. The streets just reek of garbage on any warm day.  And the cost!  Not just your overpriced shithole apartment, but the cost of everything.  Food and drinks cost so much more everywhere you go.  Once again, thank god for being on the company dime.

I had the best intentions to do a lot of shopping while I was there, but underestimated the time commitment involved in doing so.  I didn’t have the time or patience for H&M or Uniqlo, both of which I miss dearly since moving away. I did manage to snag a new Brooklyn Industries handbag in the yellow wheat print.  I’ve been rotating between two older BI H Bags for the last 3 years.  Best bags ever.  And only about $70.

The other must-see destination on my shopping list was the Marimekko Shop in the SoHo Crate & Barrel store.  As mentioned a few weeks ago, I had my eye on some magenta sheets from their current Marimekko bedding collection.  And I got ’em!

Love.  I think the color really complements the blue/green dyed curtains.  And I also like that it’s a pop of outrageous color without overpowering the room like a busy duvet cover would.  The white quilt keeps it somewhat understated.

These pictures are showing how badly I need to buy new pillows.  These are pathetically old, flat and misshapen.  Think how sharp those printed pillowcases will look on fluffy new pillows.

It’s still looking pretty spartan in here.  I found that little side table this morning at the thrift store, but I still need a second nightstand and a dresser.  I’m on the hunt for those starting… NOW!



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