Clinch River Fall Antique Festival

One day last week in a pre-coffee daze, I caught a local commercial for some kind of antique fair this weekend.  My interest was piqued, but I knew I would forget about it within 5 minutes.  So I found a pen and a half-used napkin and wrote down “clinton saturday antique fest.”

A day later I found this scrap, did some googling, and found out that the commercial must have been for the Clinch River Fall Antique Festival.  It felt like a small victory to have reclaimed this info from the depths of my short term memory.  So I figured I ought to take advantage.

I headed out to “historic downtown” Clinton, TN at 9am on Saturday in hopes of some good pickin’s, or at least a good old fashioned East Tennessee cultural experience.  I had never been to Clinton before, and my hopes were not high. Previously my knowledge ended with a portion of Clinton Highway, lined with questionable businesses like a sports bar called “Beer:30”.

Once again, I shouldn’t have been so quick to judge, because I was charmed by downtown Clinton.  Year-round, the streets are lined with antique shops, little cafés, and other olde-timey storefronts.



There was A LOT of cool stuff here.  It was about six or eight blocks of downtown streets blocked off from traffic, lined with booths, plus all of the regular storefronts running specials and sales on their regular merchandise.  Tons of great deals to be had and a lot of haggling going on.

As with any antique situation, you have to weed through lots of wagon wheels, fishing lures, and doilies  before you get to the cool stuff.  But I think it’s fun.

I was mainly looking for items for the downstairs bedroom.  Out of many possible table options that I came across, I finally settled on the curvy black wicker side table, snagged for only $25.

I also bought an Italian botanical print from a weird little shop.  Ironically, the print was the same price as the table.  The chatty shopkeeper wasn’t the bargaining type.

But I do like this a lot.  I think the colors will look pretty in the guest room with the blue-green curtains.

So all in all, a successful trip.  I could have bought a lot more, but laziness actually won out on that one.  I didn’t feel like making multiple treks back to the car to haul in my loot.  But for $50 total, it was completely worth the trip.  I just hope I can remember it in 12 months and visit again next year.

[NOTE: Apologies for Instagram city today.  Our real camera seems to be broken, but luckily still under warranty.]


4 thoughts on “Clinch River Fall Antique Festival

  1. I always wish I could save my Instagram pics without necessarily having to upload them to my feed. Actually, I saw they did some App updates last week so maybe this change will be included?
    Great stuff, though… way to go! $50 is definitely a success!

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