Iron Plant Hanger

Check this thing out, a custom-cut metal plant hanging hook.

This was made just for me by my metalworking friend Eric.  You might remember him from the kick ass hairpin legs from my DIY coffee table.  Eric is super awesome for making me these fun things in his spare time.

I originally made a very simple drawing for him of what I had in mind, but he took it and made it much more stylized and unique by cutting these curvy shapes.

The longer we’ve lived here, the better I’ve gotten about keeping plants alive.  The small one you see here in the little white pot has now been alive for 12 months.  (12 months!)  It’s the christmas cactus I got last year around this time.  It still hasn’t bloomed yet, but I forgive it.  And the snake plant in the corner has been there since last May, still kickin’.

One of the main problems with plants in our house is our dumb cat.  She likes to chew on the leaves.  Not actually eat them, just sink her needle-y little teeth in and chew.  So they have to be strategically placed around the house at heights she can’t reach.  Thus, the idea came up for a hanging planter here in this corner of the room.

When I saw this project a few months ago, I was completely sold.  I love the simple knotted technique for hanging any pot or planter.  So I bought some inexpensive synthetic rope and started tying some knots.











The instructions were very easy to follow and leave a lot of room for experimenting with different lengths and stuff.  I’m planning on trying a few different variations for outdoor use this summer.

The actual planter I’m using is not a planter at all.  It’s a bowl from my sister’s Etsy shop that I got from her this summer.  I think it’s a great use for it.

The plant itself came from my parents house.  They’ve amassed many houseplants over the past few years, and now that I’m responsible enough to keep them alive, they brought a few down in November.

Rather than re-pot the plant directly in the nice bowl, I just kept it in it’s light plastic container and dropped it in.  Fits perfectly, easy to swap out later, and less heavy than filling the whole thing with dirt.

This was one of the last few things on my list of to-do’s for the living room.  So close I can taste it.

Now to go figure out that sliding barn door….


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