2012 Resolutions

Okay, so here’s the post where I lament how little progress was made this year on the house.  Take it all with a grain of salt though, because in reality a lot went down in 2011.

Exactly one year ago I wrote a long list of “resolutions” that was really just a disguise for my general to-do list.  Let’s see what kind of progress I made on each of these 4 goals:

1. Make the Living Room Attractive and Functional

This one is legitimately complete.  The living room has gone through a lot this year, and we get to enjoy it everyday.  When I think back to what a stark mess this room was 12 months ago, get damn proud of the progress we’ve made.

Among the dozens of individual improvements I’ve posted about this year, the highlight for me is this kickass sectional sofa that I’m sprawled out on as I type this sentence.  It was a joyful purchase.  It’s bliss.

Really, the only remaining to-do for the living room is that damn barn door.  I still really want one, but I’ve been stingy about spending $300+ on the hardware for it.  Plus after the coffee table building, I wasn’t ready for another half-assed woodworking attempt.  But I still really want to get that thing up in 2012.  Oh and throw pillows.  Need more THROW PILLOWS!

Okay, what was next?  Oh jeeze…

2. Paint the Downstairs Bathroom

Did.  Not.  Happen.  Not even close.

3. Make the Guest Room More Comfortable

Okay, we’re good on this one.  Starting this summer I have made a TON of progress in here.  So much that we’ve taken to sleeping down here all the time now since it’s more convenient, comfortable, and efficient for heating/cooling purposes.

The only thing left to do in here is add some lamps and accessories, and hang some art on the walls.  I haven’t given y’all a proper update on this room in a while, so stay tuned for that next week.

4. Tackle Some Minor Outdoor Improvements

At this time last year, I was fantasizing about the 2011 vegetable garden.  We put a lot of time and effort into it this year, and overall I’d say it was a success. Full mid-season report can be found here.

The main lesson learned was that we can’t fight the grass.  The grass will win. Next year we’re just sticking to the established beds and not bother with the tiller.

As for all the other lofty aspirations of re-screening the porch and such, no dice. Any and all hard labor this summer was devoted to the tree massacre cleanup. It still looks like a shit dump back there, and the screens on the porch have only gotten worse.



1. Get Married.  Yes, it’s true!  After much procrastination and six years together Danny and I are getting married on February 18.  Albeit a small party (<30 guests), planning it will consume all of my free time for the first part of the year.  It’s going to be completely awesome.  I’ll tell ya more later.

2. Finish all this shit I wanted do in 2011.  That’s right, no additional aspirations for progress in 2012.  If I could finish my 2011 to-do list by December 31, 2012, I’ll be a happy woman.


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