Downstairs Bedroom Updates

It’s been a while since I’ve shared progress on the downstairs bedroom situation. And that’s mostly because progress was put on hold by a dog injury that required over 12 vet visits in one month, the Christmas holidays, and now some pending nuptials to plan.

One change that only a stalker would notice in this picture is that the ombre dyed curtains have been hemmed.  I wasn’t crazy about how they pooled on the floor originally.  So in November my mom came down armed with a sewing machine to whip them into proper floor-grazing shape.

On the same weekend visit, we also did some shopping in Clinton, TN, where my interests were piqued after their fall festival.  We made a great find in this vaguely mid-century style dresser.

Clearly kitty likes it.  I do too.

We were looking for something that was kinda leggy like this one, because the air vent is right below it.  I also wanted something that was clearly old and antique-y without being too ornate.  My mom spotted this one under a pile of other junk in the very last store we visited.  Good eye, mamasita.

Sitting atop the new dresser right now is this jewelry box, a Christmas present from my sister and another new addition to this room.  I haven’t gotten around to actually storing my jewels (er, friendship bracelets) in here yet, but plan to.

Ah yes, this little sad corner.  I did add this colorful $7 carpet from World Market, but other than that it’s rather unsightly…cardboard boxes, old K-mart kitchen chairs, and some pictures that I’ve gone to the trouble of framing but haven’t hung.  Let’s face it, it’s going to be months before I actually hang these up.

And you can file this one under lazy too.

This would be a half-assed attempt to disguise the ol’ boob lamp without actually installing a new fixture.  I removed the glass dome, and screwed in this $12 shade from the Target clearance rack.  I used a (very) abbreviated version of this process and haven’t actually gotten around to covering up the bottom opening.

I’m not really sold on this yet, because the shade isn’t actually a round drum shape, it’s kind of angled.  Thus it just looks like an upside down lampshade in the middle of the room.

What do we think?  Chic cheap solution for getting rid of the boob light?  Or “what’s the upside down lampshade doing up there”?


6 thoughts on “Downstairs Bedroom Updates

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