Etsy Weddings

My time has been all-consumed as of late with this wedding party we’ve got planned for February.  I’m trying to go for a laid-back, handmade sort of vibe, and it’s taken me back to Etsy over and over again.

Here’s a little shoutout to all of the truly creative and beautiful items and sellers I’ve come across in my extensive searches.

(Note:  I’ve bought stuff from some of these sellers, but not all of them.)

Sunshine Greeting Card Company

I like everything about this guy’s designs.  Modern casual typography but still sweet enough to use for wedding invites or save the dates.

Ello There

Fantastically cool custom stationary for weddings or anytime.

Pretty Things Galore

Lame name.  But a lovely selection of understated and unusual handmade rings.

Ready Go

Very cute custom cake toppers and other paper goods.

Aya Wedding

Pretty fabric flowers for your hair or whatever.  Ships from Europe though, not sure how long it would take.

Handmade Collectables

Stunning felt bouquets that cost less than real flowers and last forever!  She also sells beautiful wreaths covered in the felt rosettes.

Paloma’s Nest

Well designed ring bowls and other ceramic keepsake-ey type things.

Delightfully Lovely

Cute and affordable cake stands and cupcake trees that can each be made in a variety of custom colors.


2 thoughts on “Etsy Weddings

  1. I love all these shops you’ve listed!
    Good luck with your homemade wedding! sounds like my kinda thing, too.
    And remember, all you need to have a fun photobooth thing at your wedding is a camera, tripod, a camera remote control and a cool background/funny props. Then you’ve saved $800 and have cool pics of your guests that you can blackmail them with!

  2. I like the cake toppers! I didn’t know there was such at thing as ring bowls. Maybe a better idea than leaving them on top of the bannister when I sleep.

    I’m sure your creativity and great taste will shine through at this wedding. I hope you share details you decide on.

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