We did it!  After over six years together we finally tied the knot here in Knoxville last Saturday, February 18, 2012.

I always knew that we would be married at some point, but I was never quite sure of when or exactly how.  It happened all of a sudden this winter.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we bought tickets for a trip to Ireland that we had been broadly planning for the last year or so.  Then the next day, just a rainy Sunday at home, almost exactly six years after the day we met, Danny proposed. After the shock wore off, I immediately decided that the trip to Ireland would be our honeymoon. So that left us with three months to set up whatever level of “wedding” we were going to have.

I put the word “wedding” in quotes because I don’t really care for them, and whatever we did for ours would not involve all of the standard items most people associate with them: no gown, no bridesmaids, no church, no DJ, no Electric Slide, no bachelorette parties, no bridal showers, etc.

The first thought was to just elope.  It would be easy, cheap, and no problem to avoid all the wedding industry bullshit.  But ultimately, for the sake of my family, I felt like I owed them a day to say “that’s when Amy and Danny got married, and I remember it because I was there.”  It’s valuable to mark that event in time, even if just for your closest family and friends.

So I set to work planning a small wedding party for approximately 30 guests.  Since it was February, outdoor venues weren’t really an option.  So the next best thing would be a room with a nice view.  We booked a banquet room at Calhoun’s on the River in downtown Knoxville.  The main advantage was that we could do it all in one place, and their on-site catering is pretty spectacular.

We found a local officiant to preform the ceremony.  He was a real pro.  It was casual. We didn’t have a processional or rows of chairs.  After everyone had arrived and was mingling around the room, the chaplain took his spot under the arch and invited me and Danny to step up to the front as well.  Then he asked the rest of the guests to stand and gather around us.  It was calm and intimate, and something different from the pomp and circumstance most people are used to.

Since it was a civil ceremony with only one additional reading, it was over in a flash. Despite the fact that we both dread being the center of attention like this, we both kept it together for most of the ceremony.  But I couldn’t hold back the tears at the end.  After we kissed, we sort of just turned around and had a big hug-fest with all of our families and friends.

From there the music played, the cocktails flowed and lots of tasty food was eaten. Honestly the entire 4 hours at the venue just flew by.  Time has never passed by so quickly, it’s all a blur.

We’ve only seen a preview of a handful of professional photos.  I’m super excited to see the rest.  And once I have a proper set of pictures of all of the little details, I’d love to share all of the DIY projects and planning that went into setting up the party.

Until then, I’ll be throwing back many pints of Guinness with my HUSBAND on our honeymoon in Ireland!


5 thoughts on “Hitched.

  1. Yay, thanks for leaving your devoted readers with a good blog entry to read before you go. Your wedding was da bomb. Enjoy your delicious beers!

  2. Congrats!!! When John and I eventually tie the knot I would hope it could be like this (except for the fact that I have a huge family)… sounds and looks like it was a lovely day!

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