Some New Things

I’ve been overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity after we got married.  Call it naive, but I didn’t expect to receive so many gifts since our wedding celebration was so small.

I registered for a few smallish items at Crate and Barrel and Bed Bath and Beyond. For each item we’ve received, I’ve been surprised and touched that our friends and family went to the trouble and spent the money to send these lovely gifts.

In addition to a bevy of greatly needed kitchen supplies, here are a few of the home decor items that are lookin’ good in our house already.

This is the Profile Vase from C&B.  It’s super huge and awesome on the mantle.  It’s a little too big for standard flower stems, but its perfect for big branches from the yard.  It came just in time for the spring flowers, first a giant spray of bright yellow forsythia branches, and now a couple of branches from one of our pink dogwood trees.

The black and white polka dot blanket is the one souvenir I picked up for myself on our trip to Ireland.  It’s from the Foxford Woollen Mills in County Mayo.  There’s a very small inconsistency in the weave in one corner, so it was on sale in their factory seconds bin for 50 Euros.  Still kinda expensive, but much less than their blankets are usually.  I think it’s just the best.

After the pink sheets purchase, it’s clear that I’m a big fan of the Marimekko line that’s available at Crate and Barrel.  So you know there’d be a few items on the C&B registry.  The blue pillow is the Nostosilta Blue Velvet Pillow.

And this is the great big un-pronounce-able name Marimekko tray.  My dear lil’ sis also got me the smaller Kaiku tray which I’m also in love with.

It’s a miracle!  There’s not piles of junk on the dining room table!  (It didn’t last long after this picture was taken.)

It was worth tidying up so I could see these new accessories in full affect.  The green ombre place mats and huge glass bowl were all gifts as well.  I’m trying to think of ideas for non-floral arrangements that could take advantage of that bowl.  Currently I just have some white candles sitting in it.  It would be good for serving a crowd, but honestly that doesn’t happen very often around here and I’d like to keep it on display.

There are a number of things I couldn’t picture here but I love them all.  It’s such a luxury to chop onions with a high quality new knife, and bake pizza on a pizza stone that I was too cheap to buy for myself after all these years.  And the KitchenAid pasta roller attachment is my long-awaited new best friend.

A great big thank you to all of our families and friends for making us feel so darn special.


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