Handmade Thank You Cards

This is a great example of how I love to make things more difficult.  I could have easily found some lovely out-of-the-box cards, or even had some photo cards printed up with a shot from the wedding.

Oh no.  I had to make them from scratch.

But they’re pretty freakin’ cute, right?

I got the idea from here, via here, via Pinterest of course.  Quite a clever little idea, if I do say.  Plus it it follows along the garland theme I had going on at the wedding.

It took two or three attempts to get a sharp-edged triangle.  Seems like some corks have a more dense texture, and those worked better.

I had a little $6 set of these typewriter letter stamps from a few months earlier.  I originally used them to make little “D&A” tags for the favors.  And I’m sure I’ll find another use for them again some day.

I bought a few blank white cards from the hob-lob, but the finish was too shiny and the ink got all smeared up.  So I just cut out some pieces of plain white card stock instead.

It took a few hours of my life, but it was definitely cheap, which I appreciate.  And every stamp was personally imprinted by yours truly, which I think my friends and family would appreciate.



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